Sunday 23 March 2014

Well, aren't you the cat's whiskers...

...which means, you think you're pretty amazing.
And I'm sure you are amazing but this post isn't really about you, it's about cats and it's about my ruminations on why there are so many sayings that use cats to put the message across. Here are just a few by way of illustration:-
  • cat on a hot tin roof
  • raining cats and dogs
  • cat nap
  • weak as a kitten
  • scaredy cat
  • like herding cats
  • fat cats
  • grinning like a Cheshire cat
I could go on. In fact, I will:-
  • copy cat
  • cool cat
  • cat walk 
  • a catty person
  • cats' eyes in the road
  • cat-in-hell's chance
  • cat got your tongue
  • cats whiskers radios (It wasn't really a whisker. It was a fine wire that looked like a whisker.)
"So why all this talk about cat words?" I hear you ask.

Well, I was watching our two cats wash their faces after their supper yesterday and I couldn't help admiring their whiskers. Mabel's are black and shiny. Charlie's are white and bushy. Both sets are fine examples of cats' whiskers and both cats are quite convinced that they're the cats' whiskers!


And anyway, I needed a break from Richard III and Cemetery cataloging and it was a perfect excuse to post up photos of my two furry girls :-)

The Children's Book of Richard III Update: The illustrator, Alice Povey, has started the colour work. It's looking amazing. The front cover will be completed for viewing very soon and you'll be among the first to see it. Watch This Space!