Saturday 29 March 2014

A Visit from Christina James

A few days ago Christina James visited my local library in Oadby, on the outskirts of Leicester. The weather didn't give her a warm welcome but her audience certainly did. While the rain poured down outside, a small but enthusiastic group sat listening to Christina talking about her writing, her motivations and her childhood memories of houses steeped in the past, and how she has woven so many of these places and people into her novels.

Christina writes crime thrillers featuring DI Yates. The action takes place in the Fenlands of Lincolnshire where she grew up. The house that will feature in her third novel was her Grandparent's home in Stutterton. It was called Sausage Hall and this will be the title of the book. Christina explained that the house was built by a butcher who went bankrupt. After the house was sold, it was given the name Sausage Hall and the name stuck. I love it and it's a brilliant name for a novel too. She read an extract. In fact, she gave her book its 'world premiere' just for us and we were hooked straight away.

This is only the third time I've met someone who I've got to know over the Internet. It's a strange experience. We had never met and yet we knew each other as soon as she walked into the library. The others thought we were old friends. It was difficult to explain to them how friendships can grow out of Twitter and blog chats but they do. It was lovely to meet Christina for real and I am now eagerly awaiting the publication of Sausage Hall.

If you want to know more about Christina and her books then pop over and visit her here .