Friday, 3 January 2014

Lots of Weather

Since my last blog post there has been a lot of weather.
[There have also been many family visitors, masses of cooking, loads of entertaining, plenty of playing and much falling into bed exhausted! It's over now and, even though it was exhausting, I miss them, but back to the weather...]
Weather is a strange phenomenon. Imagine trying to explain it to an alien; dark patches in the sky telling us that H2O is about to fall onto us...

View from our garden a few minutes ago [taken in colour not black and white I might add!] much H2O falling that people and houses are swept away, frozen H2O making it impossible for vehicles to drive along roads or for people to walk around.

Then there are thick mists, tiny particles of H2O hang in the air so we can’t see where we’re going. Weird, isn’t it, and as for explaining the wind, you can’t see it or smell it or taste it but it hits you so hard it can knock you off your feet and lift the roof off your house.

The sun might be an easier concept when it comes to explanations for aliens; a ball of fire in the sky drying up the H2O, keeping us warm. This reminds me of one of my favourite Aesop’s Fables, The One About The Wind And The Sun. You probably know it but here’s a prĂ©cis in case you don’t…
One day Sun and Wind had a row about which one was the stronger. They saw a man walking down the road.

“I shall blow that man's coat off to show you how strong I am,” said Wind but the more he blew, the more the man held the coat tightly around himself. Wind was quite exhausted with the effort. 
“Let me show you how strong I am,” said Sun. “And I won’t even have to tire myself out.” He quietly sent down his warm beams and the man took off his coat. The End.
Do you have a favourite Aesop’s Fable?


  1. It's not Aesop that weather reminds me of - but a line in Gabriel Garcia Marquez wonderful novel entitled 'Love in the Time of Cholera': "It was raining too hard to think." I been reminded of this several times over recent weeks.

  2. Love it! There have been so many great stories based on the weather - hope yours improves! :)

  3. It is 46 degrees and sunny in Florida. The last two days were gloomy and rainy and in the 60/70s.

    Hugs and hot chocolate to you!

  4. It's not so much the rain that's got us here, it's the wind of the fable. It's blown so hard here, half the brick wall in my little Zeeland garden was blown over on Christmas Eve; Koos's new scooter cover (that I bought him for Christmas) was ripped to shreds on Boxing day, and my wheely bin ended up in the middle of the road (it was full at the time too). Funnily enough, there were few reports about the gales here; it's only water that gets my Dutch fellows worried. When we had that sea surge a few weeks back, that was all over the news! I do hope it dries up for you soon, Ros! XX

  5. 5 inches of rain overnight the other week here in NZ. In Brisbane they're expecting temperatures over 43 degrees today. Down this end of the world weather comes in short sharp burst that remind us not to become complacent. But nothing is more soothing than the sound of rain on a tin roof after days of constant heat.

  6. Happy New Year, dear Rosalind, it sounds like you had a fabulous holiday time with family and friends. As far as rain goes, be glad. California, where we live, has just declared that for most of the state 2013 was the driest year in recorded history. Since 1877 with no relief in sight. Too bad the wind is not that strong or I'd ask it to send some rain my way.

  7. Happy New Year, Rosalind. Singapore weather would be easy to explain to an alien. H2O everyday, and too much H2O in the air :)

  8. We don't get enough H2O in Tenerife, Rosalind, but the OH still manages to talk about The Weather every day! As for Aesop - it's so long since I read his fables that I can't remember them. Happy 2014.

  9. I'm keeping in touch (a little!) with the news from England, and the wretched weather seems to be uppermost on Sky News out here. Hope the manage it well!

  10. HNY Ros..we have had pretty constant rain here...the river is very high and the cat is refusing to go out. But at least we are not flooded, which must be terrible. They told us back last summer that we would be short of water. Irony.

  11. Hi Ros .. stairrods here too ... we haven't had the mists ... thankfully I was able to get to London on Thursday - other railway lines were having landslip problems ...

    Love your take on H2O .. it certainly is wonderful weather ... some of Sussex the coast has disappeared both at Hastings and here between Eastbourne and Seaford ... but we are certainly nowhere near as badly hit as many ... I wish my Mum was still in Cornwall .. so I could check out what's happening down there ..

    I love Aesop's Fable .. the one I remember is the one with the crow, jug and stones to get the water out ... fauna is very clever and remembers/works out everything ...

    Happy New Year and am delighted you had lots of fun .. and good tired out evenings! Here's to a good 2014 - cheers Hilary

  12. There is no bad weather Ros, just bad clothing. Well at least that is what I tell myself, when I have to force myself out of the door for a walk. I need to get out often and dash around at a pace to shed some excess weight!

    I've never read Aesop's Fable, I have no idea why?
    Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year! I liked the Aesop Fable and I liked Maria's comment. No bad weather, just bad clothing. I had to chuckle. Yesterday I shed my coat at 60 F, today I'm layered up with a navy pea coat over a sweater and a scarf around the neck at a blustery 35 F. It's been a strange winter so far. Stay warm!

  14. Hi Ros, yes the weather is trying it's best here too although we don't have it as bad as England. Broken fences, again,bins flung about,all the usual. I love the fables and you have add me think of a Scottish poem I learned when I was young I think it's based on a fable I may put it on my blog. Funny how I still remember all the words .


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