Friday 3 January 2014

Lots of Weather

Since my last blog post there has been a lot of weather.
[There have also been many family visitors, masses of cooking, loads of entertaining, plenty of playing and much falling into bed exhausted! It's over now and, even though it was exhausting, I miss them, but back to the weather...]
Weather is a strange phenomenon. Imagine trying to explain it to an alien; dark patches in the sky telling us that H2O is about to fall onto us...

View from our garden a few minutes ago [taken in colour not black and white I might add!] much H2O falling that people and houses are swept away, frozen H2O making it impossible for vehicles to drive along roads or for people to walk around.

Then there are thick mists, tiny particles of H2O hang in the air so we can’t see where we’re going. Weird, isn’t it, and as for explaining the wind, you can’t see it or smell it or taste it but it hits you so hard it can knock you off your feet and lift the roof off your house.

The sun might be an easier concept when it comes to explanations for aliens; a ball of fire in the sky drying up the H2O, keeping us warm. This reminds me of one of my favourite Aesop’s Fables, The One About The Wind And The Sun. You probably know it but here’s a prĂ©cis in case you don’t…
One day Sun and Wind had a row about which one was the stronger. They saw a man walking down the road.

“I shall blow that man's coat off to show you how strong I am,” said Wind but the more he blew, the more the man held the coat tightly around himself. Wind was quite exhausted with the effort. 
“Let me show you how strong I am,” said Sun. “And I won’t even have to tire myself out.” He quietly sent down his warm beams and the man took off his coat. The End.
Do you have a favourite Aesop’s Fable?