Monday, 8 July 2013

What University did to me

As is always the way when searching, I was really looking for something else, a photograph to illustrate a blog post that I'm writing for Pauline Barclay's The Hippie Shake feature on her blog, Scribbles. Instead I found my old Student Union cards from my days as a History Student at the University of Leicester.

I was a mature student with two children at primary school, so you wouldn't expect the experience to contribute to my maturing process as it does for youngsters straight from school and yet the photographs seem to suggest otherwise...

This was me in my first year of University:

This was me in my second year of University:

And this was me in my third year:

My life changed significantly over those three years.

What were the major transition years in your life?


  1. Ros, I love the curly look too. Transition years for me was going from very short spiky hair to longer curly hair I have now, which is natural. The short spikes and bobs of years gone by were hard work as my hair is naturally kinky!

  2. I had a perm for years too! Yours looks so much better than mine ever did!

    My major transition years would be the time between getting my full time job and having my babies - great years!

  3. I've always had sorta the same hair style. I think when I got contacts, I came out from behind my glasses and blossomed a bit. I'm back to glasses now. I've worked in companies with chemicals that bothered my eyes, plus computer strain. However, the effect of contacts made a difference in being more outgoing in my 20s. Funny how that works. Good post and interesting perspective

  4. University years, definitely - just being around all that learning was simply wonderful.

    And then the travelling - that gave me a whole new view of the world.

    (But I've still got the long hair I've had since I was 16. Never quite got round to changing it.)

  5. Ah yes Rosalind the curly perm how well I remember mine.
    Loved the post good memories to recall for you and thanks for sharing with us,


  6. I love all the different styles! And they all suited you too! University is such a great time. I loved it too. My hair has changed quite a bit over the years as well, especially the colour…haha. I used to have black hair and now it's white. Has been for the past fifteen years. My transition years were 18 (when I started uni), 22 (when I finished) and then 46, the big one when I decided to be my own person after twenty years of not being!

  7. I remember my curly perm too, it didn't last long though. I think I like your hair in the middle picture the best, it frames your face so nicely.

  8. What fun! A different do each year - and they all look good on you =)

  9. I think you look great in all the hairstyles!
    Oh my, I had a few perms in my day!
    My son came over for a visit yesterday and we were looking at some family portraits when I had one of those perms and he just said, "Oh mom! "
    We both laughed :)

  10. I liked the smoother one best! I had a curly perm like that once, about 25 years ago. It's only recently that I have discovered I can get almost the same effect with a handful of mousse scrunched in.

  11. I like the first hair-do on you. But I bet it was a bugger to keep.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  12. You look great with all those styles Ros...I have some really bad hair pictures I couldn't possibly share. Anyone remember the 'birds nest' look? ;-)

  13. hahaha, I had a 'haircut' like yours, probably in my third year of uni. It was a seminal time for me as, thanks to maintenance grants and a job with John Lewis, I could afford to leave an emotionally and verbally abusive mother, and lived on my own. Never went back. Ever.

  14. I've actually had those three styles too. In the second photo you look older and more sophistcated and in the third you've became a student again.

  15. Hi Ros .. talk about morphing along in the same way - I prefer you now! Well perhaps I reserve judgement to change that when we meet!?!

    I've always had very short hair - too fine, too thin for much else, and I played squash all the time .. so needed to clear the fug everytime - hairwashing had to be easy peasy!

    I love you went from curly to straight and severe, and then curly again ...

    The weight goes up and down a bit - mostly stayed thin, but now has expanded slightly and needs to be hauled in - next project! Cheers Hilary


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