Tuesday 18 June 2013

A Weekend Trip to Asia

Travelling tires me. Hotel beds poke at my tender bones and crick my neck. Food in foreign lands disagrees with my digestion and if ever I'm warned about drinking the water I generally head for home.

But last weekend I went to Laos and it was amazing. I wandered through colourful, spice-scented markets, lingered on bridges spanning fast flowing rivers, met countless locals. I even sat with a monk...

And all thanks to my very good blog friend, Jo.

I rarely write book reviews on this blog but I had to share with you the enjoyment I got last weekend from reading Bombs and Butterflies by Jo Carroll.

Jo is an amazing lady. She not only enjoys travelling alone to far flung places, she can convey that enjoyment to the rest of us. Not bad for a lady who I suspect is a similar age to myself, an age when our children expect us to be tucked up in front of the fire knitting bed jackets.

So, if you've never been to Laos, even if you've never had plans to ever go there, may I suggest you read Bombs and Butterflies. It's like being there without all the faff of getting there.