Friday 7 June 2013

A Canal Boat Experience

We've just spent a few days with friends on their canal boat. Canal boating is quite unique because:

  • you're surrounded by water but the land is never more than a leap away
  • it's good to look at but you really wouldn't want to jump in and have a swim
  • you can chug for hours but only cover a distance that would take you five minutes in the car
  • You can't pass each other in the boat without flattening yourself against the wall 
  • the toilet facilities are... well, let's just say 'interesting'
  • there's no Internet access
  • BUT everybody you pass says 'hello' 
  • AND life slows downs to a speed that is probably the pace we were meant to move at before technology created so much for us to do.

Small on the inside

Large on the outside