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K Song Lyrics - A to Z Challenge

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So much more than moons and Junes
  • Today's songs begin with K
  • And more lyric snippets to discuss!

1960s:         Keep on Running - The Spencer Davis Group [Keep on running, keep on hiding, one fine day I'm gonna be the one to make you understand...]

1970s:         Knowing Me, Knowing You - Abba

1980s:         Karma Chameleon - Culture Club  [...loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams, red, gold and green...]

1990s:         Killing Me Softly - The Fugees

Knowing Me, Knowing You

There were a number of songs written by Abba that reflected my divorce experiences and this is one of them. They must have know exactly what it felt like and how much it hurt.

'...In these old familiar rooms children would play
Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say...'

Divorce was an extremely painful time in my life.

Is the rise in divorce due to society or are we expecting too much of life?

Killing Me Softly

How many times has a song spoken directly to you, rather like the one above spoke to me?

'...Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song...'

And that's precisely why I love song lyrics.

Is there a song that speaks directly to you? 

Another toughie. Any more K songs, anyone?


  1. Killing Me Softly was a big hit in 1973 when Roberta Flack sang it. I remember loving the song then, and I still sing along with the newer versions on the radio. I never really thought about the lyrics to the Abba song before, because it was so upbeat. Sorry it brings back memories of such a difficult time for you .


    1. Thanks Julie. I love the Roberta Flack version too and I've also got one sung by Cleo Laine. Amazing!

  2. So many things I could say, but I'll just mention that I've always loved Roberta Flack's Killing Me Softly (I don't think I've heard any other version). And I never paid attention to the lyrics of Abba's songs because I didn't like the tunes much. On the subject of songs that spoke directly to me, I'm reminded of a story that's too long for a comment, but I've decided to add it to my W post. ~Miriam

    1. I'm intrigued. I shall await your W post with anticipation!

  3. Great K songs, I had trouble finding one for the poem I wrote but found Keep on the sunny side. Then I had to established if they were playable on blog because of copyright . I remember all of your songs with great affection.


  4. Maybe divorce--or splitting up in those unmarried partners--will be so commonplace ot will become a part of life. For me, the breaking of my vow to remain together no matter what, hurt like the billy-oh.

  5. I keep coming back to your blog, because you remind me of so many stories I had forgotten about

    Coffee Rings Everywhere

  6. Haha. I remember being very upset around the time of Roberta Flack version of Killing Me softly...can't remember why...gawd my memory is fading..probably just as well.

  7. Good choices again, Ros. For me, Keep On Running is a great song to perform with my band - never fails to fill the dancefloor and get them all singing "Hey-Hey-Hey!"

  8. Keep on Running - another one that gets me dancing round the kitchen, Ros!

  9. I love Keep on Running! Isn't that Steve Winwood who sang with the SD band? What a great song that is. Knowing me, Knowing you is one of those that you just have to sing along to as well. You have a knack of choosing these songs, Ros. None of these has any particular association for me, but I can suggest another great K song - Killer Queen!

  10. :) The Karma Chameleon one has to be the one I mention not because I think it's a good song but because 'Karma' is the word I chose for 'K'.

    'Killing me softly' has seen me through many emotional times. Isn't it interesting that when one is particularly emotional, it's invariably a song to which one relates most? Well, that's true for me anyway.

    Great post, thank you.

  11. Sad songs today . I like Killing me softly. My friends husband walked out on her last year after 23 yrs the only bright bit was she remembered they never actually got married although her children thought they had but it won't cost her a penny to be divorced from him. Every cloud and all that.

  12. I only knew of 2 of the songs again today. Dang..... I gotta get with it. I didn't know divorce was on the rise. I just plain didn't think people were getting married these days.

  13. Great songs once again. I'm a bit tired and I know there are songs that gave spoken to me over the years can't think of any now though :)

    I suppose at different times of you life different songs speak to you :)

  14. Those are GREAT choices!! I learned Killing Me Softly on the piano at the time - love that song! So haunting :)

  15. I love Killing Me Softly. It's a good one for me to Karaoke :) Right in my range..

  16. I was just listening to Killing Me Softly today in my car. Love both Roberta Flack's version and this one by the Fugees.

  17. Memories get woven into songs... Songs become a sort of mental scrapbook after a while. That's one of the things I love about music.

    When I was going through my divorce, my boss quit playing a certain instrumental CD we had at work because one of the songs on it - no lyrics at all - would cause me to burst into tears. I really couldn't help it, or explain it, but the song reminded me so much of all the hopes and promises I was mourning.

    Tui, visiting from the #AtoZchallenge

  18. Here we go... how about "Kumbaya"? HA! Not that it's a favorite song of mine, but it's representative of the kinds of songs my friends and I sang when we got together with our guitars, etc. and had our own little basement hootenannies.

  19. Hi Ros .. and I see Susan has hit an old Girl Guide favourite. I'm loving your songs and those memories - divorce at least allows us to move on to happier times ..

    Cheers and see you for L tomorrow .. Hilary

  20. K for Kick-ass post. Great songs. You are drawing from my past - great lyrics and tunes

  21. K was a trickier letter than I expected, as I am doing angsty 80's songs for the a-z. Love the ones you came up with!

  22. I have an Award for you on my blog. Coffee Rings Everywhere
    Please accept it, even if you don't want to do all the stuff it requires you to, because following your blog has given me a lot of pleasure.


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