Wednesday 13 March 2013

How last minute are you?

Were you the type of person who did your homework at the last minute? A friend tells of how she used to get her parents to wake her up at 6 am so she could scribble out a few lines that would pass as homework... and it gets worse. Another friend admits that she left it for the bus ride to school! I was never quite so ‘last minute’ but I invariably used to leave it until the evening before it had to be handed in. On reflection I suspect that’s how I’ve conducted the rest of my life. Some examples...
  • Ironing an outfit right before I need to put it on [who needs hangers?!]
  • Typing up minutes of a meeting just before attending the next meeting [Who remembers what they said last time anyway?!]
  • Packing to go on holiday half an hour before I’m about to leave [well, I’m going to need all that make up and stuff in the morning and I’ll only have to rummage through to check there are enough pants etc., so why start packing the day before?]
  • The A to Z Challenge! 

I promised myself that this year I would have the A to Z Challenge wrapped up, done and dusted way before April 1st. Then I’d be able to visit all the other A to Z contributors and really enjoy the experience but here I am, half way through March, and I’ve only done A. If I’m honest A is not truly 'done' because half of the post has come out in a different font. Is it just Blogger or do all blogs do that? 

I accept that it’s too late to change my ways now but it would make me feel just a little better if you didn’t yell out so loudly that you’ve prepared all your A to Z posts and you’re now sitting down having a cup of tea and visiting other bloggers on the sign up list [which has, at the time of typing this, reached an amazing 1029 participants!]

I am now going to return to the battle of the different fonts. There may be strong language...

How last minute are you?

And if you STILL haven't signed up for the A to Z then click on the badge top right and you can be number 1030!