Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Life in a Card

An awkward child,
I was in awe of those huge red cards
The boxed variety with the satin, padded hearts
That my sister received in the post.

I soon learnt the game
Not signing the card
Looking at his face
Wondering if he’d guessed.

Before I knew why or how
The card had lost its meaning.
I’d buy it in-between feeding the babies
Doing the school run
until I knew
without a doubt
that my marriage
was broken
And it would take more
much more
than a red heart
on a card
for it to mend.

I never planned it but love came again
And all the better for the passing of time.
Two cards on the mantelpiece
Signed because we know.
A teddy with a red bow
A meal at home for two.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr A.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anne :-) I think Mr A is a little embarrassed but... *shrugs*

  2. Fab, Ros - what's the point of all the hearts and flowers if they don't come with love?

    1. Agreed, Jo, but you get into a rut and then you have to get a card or face another row and so it went on. Sad times.

  3. Aw... made me feel all mushy inside! I hope he's read it and knows what a treasure he has found!! Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.

    1. And to you, dear friend. He blushed when he read it. Aaaw!

  4. Great poem and ultimately a great love story. Happy Valentine's from across the pond.

  5. Very sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. Thanks Shelly and I would think we'd be allowed chocolates on Valentine's Day!

  6. I still have a boxed, no longer scented, Christmas Card given to me by an honorary grandfather, who gave them to all of us on the special holidays. A lovely poem.

    1. Hi BC, you don't see those big boxed cards so much now, do you. Perhaps it's just as well!

  7. That is so sweet. I just know you and Mr. A will have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  8. Very poignant, Ros. A very happy Valentine's to both Mr and Mrs A!

  9. Lovely to hear of a partnership that is so happy.

  10. Hi Ros .. so pleased for you - and great you've got your life long companion .. Mr A is well worthy .. as are you!! the cards say it all don't they ... two's company - cheers Hilary


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