Tuesday 27 November 2012

Talking History

There are many people who think that I like the sound of my own voice. I can’t deny that I am rather fond of butting into discussions and getting my opinion ‘out there’. But when it comes to literally hearing the sound of my own voice I cringe and hide behind furniture. That’s what I did last Sunday when I was listening to myself being interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester.

Bridget Blair,
BBC Radio Leicester presenter
The interview was for BBC Radio Leicester’s Talking History and that’s what we did... we talked history. I chatted with the lovely Bridget Blair on all manner of historical topics.

* We talked about Richard III and his recently discovered remains. [We’re still hoping it’s him. Only just over a month until we know for sure!]

We chatted about the way that archaeologists bring to life things that to me look like nondescript lumps of stone.

* The conversation worked its way around to my favourite historical topic from my blog Why does history hide in holes, the one about how history is always at the bottom of trenches and does this mean that the world is getting fatter.

And in true going-on-a-chat-show-to-plug-your-book fashion, Bridget held up a copy of A Children’s History of Leicester to ‘show’ the listeners.

If you want to hear my voice, and, indeed, the interview, you’ve got five days left to listen but I’m warning you that I sound nasally and I’ve got a Leicester accent! If you still want to listen then you can find the programme here.