Friday, 16 November 2012

Any more unusual cold and flu remedies?

Here in the UK we’ve reached that time of year when we are overflowing with coughs, colds and flu. In my last blog I mentioned that I had a flu/virus 'thingy'. You’ll no doubt be relieved to hear that it’s on its way out but during this week I’ve received a number of suggestions for how I might hasten my recovery. Here are a few:

Mabel always has to get in on the act!

Lemon and Honey:
You can’t beat a mug of lemon and honey when you’re feeling rough. I’m sipping yet another one now as I type.

Thanks to Joanne from Word Splash for suggesting cider. Apparently her mother gave them cider for many and various conditions. It’s not my remedy of choice. In fact, I don’t know that I could cope with drinking cider this week but if it helps you then go for it!

I suppose that brandy is a common alcoholic ‘remedy’. If I'm not mistaken, it was my son who suggested I try this, even though [or maybe because] he knows I don't drink alcohol.

Dirty Socks:
I have heard that wearing a dirty pair of socks round your neck can help cure a sore throat. Not sure why but I’m not about to try it.

Cold, Wet Socks:
I googled that sock idea and was surprised to read that wearing cold, wet socks in bed helps to relieve congestion. Hmmmm. I don’t fancy that one either.

While I was googling I found a recommendation for listening to jazz music. Apparently it boosts our levels of Immunoglobulin A which helps our body to fight against infections. I think I’m going to try this one out so here's a dose of Billie Holiday singing Ain't Misbehavin':

If you know of any other unusual cold or flu remedies please share them... as long as they don't involve socks!


  1. Maybe the wet socks in bed has something to do with reflexology. I think all those things can help relief symptoms for a short while but in the long run you just have to put up with it until it goes away,sorry.

  2. Right, tonight I'm going of bed with a pair of cold wet AND dirty socks round my neck, a cup of hot lemon and honey with a splash of brandy and your movie of Billy Holiday on repeat mode. I should, in theory, wake up feeling just dandy! Not sure what my long suffering partner will think of the musty socks, though!

    For my own contribution, although it's not unusual, I find that bombarding myself with Vitamin C usually works well, and I mean bombarding myself almost literally. Just for one day, I take those VitC tablets that do the effervescent thing in water every two to three hours. Normally, My cold is defeated by this and I'm on the mend by the next day. I should mention that I suffer from congestion on an almost permanent basis, which is why I'm going to try your sock remedy now even though I don't have a cold - yet...

  3. Chicken soup drenched in dill. I make a big pot and freeze in individual containers. I also juice oranges and add ginger to it.

    Well wishes.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Hi Ros .. nope can't really add to that list - oh well yes of course - you missed out that well known favourite .. Chicken Soup for the Soul ... and I add nutmeg or spices to my lemon and honey ... but a long sleep does me the power of good.

    Here's to chicken soup and no cold .. cheers from down south .. Hilary

  5. Again, the old chicken soup, of course. And getting an annual flu shot. I still got the flu last year, but it was the first time in the about 20 years that I have had flu shots.

  6. If you take all the recommended cures you will clear your cold in seven days. If you do nothing it will last a whole week.

  7. Ros - love Billie Holliday, and I hope you feel well enough to misbehave very soon!

  8. Chicken soup is my fave. BH likes a tot of whisky just before bed.

  9. Chicken soup, hot tea, vitamin C, and good old Vick's Vaporub. (Do you have Vick's there? It's a mentholated greasy stuff that you rub on your chest to ease congestion and nasal stuffiness.) We have a friend who swears by another remedy I'm not inclined to try: dill pickle juice and whiskey. Hmmm. Get well soon.

  10. my New-Zealander pal's remedy was a couple of tablespoons of apple-cider-vinegar, and a spoonful of honey in a mug of hot water.
    I've tried it and it's not as disgusting as it sounds, I'm unconvinced though, about it's efficacy.

    My grandmother said "If you treat a cold it lasts seven days, if you just leave it be, it lasts a week".

  11. Honey and lemon is my go-to cure. I'm not keen on it, so I wait until I feel really bad, but it really does sort out my cold within 24 hours. I love the cider solution - I'll try that next time :-)

  12. Hi Ros, Glad to hear you're on the mend. I've heard how certain music can be good for helping to heal different complaints. Migraine and colds are meant to respond well to Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings whereas soaring music such as Vaughan Williams' The Lark ascending is recommended for heart and lung conditions. I might give it a try next time I'm ill along with a soothing dose of lemon and honey and a nice hot water bottle.

  13. Hey Roz
    I just boosted my immunogobulin A level to the sky. Listened to the vid twice. Love her and that song. Really makes one want to dance, doesn't it. We can tap toes while we type.

    My daughter makes a tonic that will knock your socks off (and your boots) speaking of socks. I had a congested chest thingy this summer that was dragging on for a month. She had forgotten she made the tonic, as it keeps just about forever...... and gave me some. I took 2 oz. for 2 days and the congestion was completely gone. You chop or grate up onions, garlic, hot peppers, horseradish root and ginger. Ferment in raw apple cider. You can watch a man putting it together on YouTube under the name..... The Master Tonic.

  14. I'm behind with my blog reading - as ever - but what an apt post to catch. I'm suffering with cold/flu symptoms as I type so all remedies are gratefully received. Not that I'm going to try sleeping in wet socks. :)

    I think Anne's right in that you just have to put up with it until it goes away. In the meantime, I live on Lemsip and whisky (not together). I like the taste of both. :)


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