Friday, 9 March 2012

I love the Alphabet

My Ladybird ABC book was one of my favourite books when I was small. I can still remember the picture on the U page. It was a brightly coloured umbrella and I used to think it was the most beautiful umbrella ever... and then this morning I Googled it. Apparently it was known as Uncle Mac’s ABC Book and... wow! Here it is...

*big sigh of nostalgia*

       aardvark......         bear......           cat...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I still love all things alphabetical, like alphabetical lists. At night when I can’t sleep I choose a topic and go through the alphabet with it. I rarely reach midway. It’s so reassuringly soporific.

So it will come as no surprise that I’m taking part in the A to Z Challenge again this year. I’ll be posting up every day during April [with Saturdays off for a breather]. My topic will be nostalgia, memories from the 1950s and 60s... [advance warning: there may be lots of sighs of nostaliga coming from me next month.]

Last year I restricted myself to 40 words exactly per post and I called them quadragintals. This year I’ll make things a little easier. I don’t think that this sort of a blogging challenge is the place for long in-depth articles so I'm going to try to be... 
thought provoking... yes!
profound... why not?
humorous... even better!
and brief... most definitely!
[Please note that this is only my opinion. Other A to Z Challengers may disagree.]

I’ve created a page [see green bar above] with last year’s A to Z of Leicester 2011 for anyone who didn’t follow me back then. All 26 posts are on the one page.

And if anyone fancies joining in with this year's challenge then there’s still time. Just pop along to the A to Z Challenge sign up page or click on the A to Z badge in the sidebar on this page.

Do you remember your ABC book from way back when?


  1. Hi Ros .. great post - fun times .. I look forward to your postings .. and I'm sure I read your A - Z of Leicester .. now you've got just as good an idea ..

    Looking forward to it - enjoy the weekend .. cheers Hilary

  2. Not often I get to the blog near the top...and sadly I cannot recall an ABC book at all...but I wll be doing the A-Z challenge - an eco alphabet. Trying to keep them short but it is sooo hard...

  3. I did so enjoy your A-Z last year. I am still in two minds about joining in this year. I sort of burnt out last year from it and didn't get any other writing done. But I am looking forward to your posts!

  4. You know, I don't know if I had an ABC book as a child. I feel deprived now.

  5. Your ABCs were awesome last year. I've joined this year - and I agree that brief is the way to go! :)

  6. No disagreeing - brief is good!
    Glad you're excited about this year's Challenge. We've really worked hard to make it the best one ever.

  7. I loved your leicester a to z's last year and am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year.

    Sounds tempting to join...but would I hav the time?No! When I come back off my jollies I have work, the allotments and the book to get sorted.....but I shall read yours...and hey, there's always next year!

  8. I do the alphabet list thing when I'm trying to sleep. I always thought it was just me :-)

  9. I love the idea of working through the alphabet. It's much better than working through plot points and having the BEST SENTENCE EVER jump out at you so you have to scrabble around for a pen in the dark and try to write coherently, in the dark!

  10. I loved the Ladybird ABC book. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    I enjoyed your Leicester posts and I'm looking forward to this year's.

  11. I'm doing this. I've so far managed to write about 4 posts already - and that was me attempting to be organised!

    I love your ABC book. I can't remember mine, but I have loved the ones my children have had when they were small. Books are definitely beautiful things.

  12. Ah, the good old days! Actually they weren't good at all, but I still enjoy looking back at the things that used to be and am hoping we'll have some memories in common. :) ~Miriam

  13. Though I have no memory of an ABC book in my past, I do enjoy alphabet related activities.

    Definitely agree, short is best for the A to Z Challenge. I am limiting my posts to exactly 200 words. I read and write mystery/crime fiction so I have chosen the theme "A World of Crime."

    I look forward to reading your posts in April.

  14. Rosalind, I too am very excited for this year's A-Z challenge! Can you believe it was a year ago since last time?! I'll be keeping my posts much shorter this time as well. I really enjoyed your A-Z of Leicester last time out, so I'm looking forward to your nostalgia theme this year!

  15. I don't actually remember my ABC book but wish I did. I'm glad you're taking part in the Challenge, Rosalind. I'll look forward to your posts. (I'm skipping it this year but will enjoy making rounds.)


  16. Yes,Rosalind. That email you got from (supposedly) me was a scam. I'm NOT in Spain. Don't have the money to go there, for one thing, and no one to care for my disabled daughter if I did!!

    Oh, the "bad" people there are out there! We all must beware.

    Thanks for caring. I now have to set up a new email account, and I'm getting confused by all the overlap. I HOPE this never happens to me again! This is the second time in a year--for a phone call and now this. I think this is enough for anyone (fingers crossed).

    Hope YOU are having a better day than I am.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs


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