Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What does your computer screen wallpaper say about you?

Some people don’t bother to upload personalised wallpaper [background] for their computer. They’re content to make do with the Windows default one. My theory is that these people are practical and business-like and don’t want to be distracted by personalised add-ons.

I, on the other hand, am neither practical nor business-like and I’m more than happy to distract myself with personalised add-ons! I’m certainly spending rather a lot of time trying to decide on suitable screen wallpaper right now. It all went wrong when the dog died just over a year ago and I couldn’t bear to look at his adorable face on my laptop screen each day. I decided to go impersonal. I started to photograph flowers in the garden but I soon got bored with each one. The following three are some of my better attempts. [I've never been much of a photographer!]

Autumn Dahlia                        Clematis head                             Daisy
Every few days I would be out in the garden, camera in hand, but now that it’s winter there’s nothing inspiring out there to photograph so at the moment I’m using a picture from that lovely holiday we recently had in Jerusalem [did I mention that we went to Jerusalem?!?] I’m sure that I’ll soon be changing it again. I may go for ducks next time because, as I said in a recent blog post, ducks make me smile and we all need an excuse to smile while we’re working, don’t we!

  • What wallpaper do you have on your computer screen?
  • Do you keep changing it or have you had the same one for so long that you hardly notice it?
  • And what does that say about you?


  1. Good question! My previous picture disappeared a long time ago when I updated something-or-other. But as soon as I saw your post, I looked for one amongst my pictures. I chose a Scottish island and arranged the icons in the sea around it. Then I immediately thought of the phrase, "No man is an island, entire of itself," which says a lot about what I'm thinking just now, following my trip to the UK.

  2. I used to have a picture of my kids, but since changing laptops I've stuck with the Windows default which is a selection of beautiful scenery that changes every so often. I'll personalise when I get bored of sea-scapes and snow.

    I consider this to be lazy, rather than business-like.

  3. I usually have so many windows open on my screen at any one time that it's fairly pointless having a special wallpaper, although I do use the default Ubuntu ones, which at the moment is a bare branch with out of focus twinkling stars shining through it. Not sure what that says about me! Oh, and I did customise my iGoogle page with a nightscape of Florence, my favourite city. It's supposed to be inspirational. One day that view will be the one from my writer's garret... :-)

  4. I choose some great art from this online site called digital blasphemy. I love the photoshopped backgrounds plus the owner of the site makes them available in dual screen and tri-screen mode.

  5. Well my screensaver is a series of photos which were taken In Australia....think a beautiful beach (North Cottesloe)by day...sheer blue sky and waves...and by night....the most stunning sunsets.

    I've had the most magical and fun times there and hopefully )keeping my fingers and everything else crossed I'll be there in March.

    What do they say about me?Well,I love being on a beach, they remind me of very happy days....adn that I'm dreading the forthcomiong good old British winter!

  6. We have a little guy in our family circle who is always on my screen saver - cutest little munchkin in the world :)

  7. Those are beautiful pictures of flowers! My son recently gave me his old laptop complete with a screensaver. I won't dare change it, as it's a photo of him with his friends at a steamy summer baseball game, and the combined foursome spell out USA! What makes this extra special, is that their girlfriend is the only one who isn't topless in the photo! Julie

  8. My wallpaper is a picture of my kids in Nantucket when they were about 6, 4, and 2. I've had the same one since I got this computer (nearly 3 years) It makes me think of all happy things :)

  9. My wallpaper is a pic of my hubby and our doggies. I love it and it makes me smile. No doubt you think I am quackers..... laugh!

  10. I only occasionally change my wallpaper, and when I do, it's usually seasonal ... Christmas, or the summer season, that type of thing. Now you've got me thinking it's time for a little change :)

  11. I change mine frequently - it usually alternates between family pictures and views of Israel.
    Since my daughter got engaged a couple of months ago we've had various pics of the young happy couple and then a few days ago I took my visiting sisters to see the town of Jaffa and took some terrific photos so now we have one of sunset over the Mediterranean.
    What does it say about me?
    I guess that I love my family and I love Israel:-)

  12. Hi Miriam, the Scottish islands are amazing and that proverb is very true. Glad I was able to provide you with inspiration.

    Hi Annalisa, my little netbook has the changing scenery option but it makes the netbook crash so I don’t use that anymore.

    Hi Kath, I’ve never been to Florence but it is on the list. What a wonderful thought to have a writer’s garret there!

    Hi Michael, I’ve never tried downloading pictures for the background. Do you have to pay for them?

    Hi Bridget, we’re all dreading the British winter and your Australian scenes sound amazing. Bet you can’t wait until March!

    Hi Jemi, cute munchkin! That sounds lovely.

    Hi Julie, gosh! A steamy photo from your son! So glad the girl isn’t topless but I worry about you gazing at those young bronzed bodies, my dear!!!

    Hi Susanna, anything that makes us think of all happy things has got to be good!

    Hi Pauline, *grin* no I don’t think you’re quackers at all!!

    Hi Joanne, is it going to be a festive one next?

    Hi Ann, I love those photos you took in Jaffa and I can see why you love Israel so much.

  13. Hi Rosalind, My wallpaper on my laptop is a photo of my children when they were children! My work computer has a photo of my grandson on it. I change it each time I get the next cutest photo ever! What does that say about me...I really don't know?

  14. Hi Rosalind, you left a lovely comment on my post about my 2nd draft, then I missed you off the replies (I got confused at having so many people to reply to). I felt so bad, I'm replying here :-)

    I suppose the moral of your friend's story is that however perfect you think you've made your novel, there will always be improvements that can be made. I find that reassuring, in a way.

  15. You have just made me realise that my netbook has not got a sceensaver so I'm off to put a photo of my granddaughter on it. On our family computer there is a photo of a lovely blue sea with a platform going out to it.Makes me want to go on holiday.

  16. I change my desktop pictures all the time and they are a source of constant amusement - need to as I work from home a lot. I often take seascapes when on holiday with the express purpose of brightening up my office...


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