Thursday, 5 May 2011

Too Many Choices!

I wouldn’t want to live in a society where I was not allowed to make choices but sometimes the options are so varied that I become a blithering ditherer.

Take books for example. Did you know that over 200,000 titles are published in the world each year? That’s a phenomenal number of actual books leaving the printers. UK publications account for about 10% of that number which is still a whole heap of books to choose from. I go into bookshops and I dither.

Then there’s the TV. To improve our reception we had a satellite dish fitted recently which means we now have over 100 channels to choose from. Need I say more?

As for food, when I was a kid we walked to the local shops every day and Mum bought what was needed for that day’s meals. Recently our local supermarket opened a new extension. I could do with a motorised buggy to get from one end to the other... and I still can’t decide what to have for supper!

This morning I walked round to the local Polling Station and was handed four ballot papers. 

Ballot Paper No. 1: To elect our local councillors I had to mark three crosses on a very long sheet containing 16 names. 

Ballot Paper No. 2: For the Leicester Mayor I had to mark two crosses on a moderately long sheet containing 11 names. 

Ballot Paper No. 3: There’s a by-election here this year so for our new MP I had to mark one cross from a list of 5 names. 

Ballot Paper No. 4: And for the AV referendum I had to mark one cross from the choice of 2, yes or no. 

That makes seven crosses from a choice of 34 names. I have to admit, I stood in that booth and I dithered. 

You see what I mean? Too many choices!



  1. I got off light then! Out in the county we had two to choose a maximum of two council members, the other for one cross to vote YES or NO, and I did it all by post three days ago.

    I've reached the point where its easier than risking life and limb parking the car outside our busy polling station.

    However, you decide to do it, just do it...VOTE, women fought long and hard so that we could have the vote.

  2. Hi Maria, I couldn't agree more. I hate to hear that people couldn't be bothered to vote.

  3. Interesting that you say 'bookshops'. If I discount WHSmiths we have one bookshop within a 15 mile radius of my home, the central library has been closed for refurbishment since February and will not reopen until the autumn. It's enough to drive you to a Kindle!

    Re the elections I was amused about two weeks ago to see the 'Word Watch' in The Times include the word 'cleg.' It was easy to pick the right definition; the answer was 'a gadfly.' I wonder if it will get swatted today.

  4. I'll nobble blogger - I've just written a very long comment with some fun and laughter in it & it's bombed me out - hate it, hate it, hate it - it always does it when I haven't copied the comment ..

    My rant - and yet my comment was fun - oh well .. I voted! 4 X's and two sheets .. irritation ....

    byeeee Hilary

  5. Hi Bob, sorry to hear you have no bookshops left but I also dither when I try buying books through Amazon. Even more choice than in the shops!

  6. Hi Hilary, sorry that Blogger misbehaved for you. It does have it's moments, doesn't it. But glad you voted ;-)

  7. WOw, so many titles per year is a bit overwhelming when you think about it.

  8. Yes life is full of choices, choices which eventually will determine our destiny. The tricky part is choosing which things are really important and discarding things that will just waste our own time.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  9. Hi Jennifer, I know. It makes the mind boggle. What happens to all those books I wonder.

  10. Thank you, Duncan, for that deep thought. You're so right. If we could all prioritise life would be so much easier.

  11. It is certainly a quandary for the ages. I love the choices we have - it's truly wonderful - but then I spend so much time trying to choice which one I want that I get frustrated!

  12. I'm glad that I can't vote yet, although in a way I guess i cannot wait to vote. I think it must be the novelty but I'm sure that will wear off sometime soon.

  13. It is a bit distressing with all the choices out there... It is so much better when life is simpler :)

  14. Hi Holly, I get frustrated too.

    Hi Sam, I hope the novelty never does wear off. I get excited every time I vote (and I've voted many, many times!)

    Hi Senorita, I suppose if life was simpler we'd just get bored.

  15. That's a lot of choices. Glad you voted though! In Canada, we've voted for our first Majority govt' in too many years. Hopefully this means we won't have another federal election for 4 -5 years. Phew!

  16. It does make things more difficult having too many choices. I liked how you mentioned that your mum shopped daily for groceries. My grandmother did the same thing, and I think those walking trips to the store kept her in great shape until she was 93!

  17. I love having choices, but it does mean I sometimes stand in the supermarket facing too many types of milk, wine, cheese, ... unable to decide which one to buy.

    Still, it's a price I'm willing to pay. The alternative would be worse, like you said.

    By the way, I would like to pass on an award to you:


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