Sunday, 20 March 2011

What makes a person powerful?

I have been awarded a Powerful Woman Writer Award so thank you very much to Deirdra Eden Coppel for that. It’s always exciting receiving a blog award and this one is no exception. It's great that someone has viewed my writing as powerful but it has set me off asking rather a lot of questions: 

If I am a powerful writer does that mean that I'm a powerful person? I certainly don't feel powerful. I’m stubborn, yes, and sometimes a tad stroppy, certainly... but powerful? I’ve submitted a strongly worded letter of complaint to the local hospital trust and it looks as if they’re making improvements based on my complaints but does that make me powerful?

So what exactly is a powerful person?
  • Is power held only by those with wealth?
  • or by people who are clever?
  • or is it for those who stand firm with their head held high?
Is being a leader the same thing as being powerful?
  • Do people become leaders because they can’t bear to see things not being done properly?
  • Or because those around them feel confident in their abilities and so push them into the position?
  • Or because they truly believe that they are better than anyone else?
Could it be that the most successfully powerful person is the one who does not wield that power like a sword, but spreads it out evenly among their peers creating a fine mesh of support for everyone?

Thanks again to Deirdra who not only gave me this impressive award but set me off thinking about the meaning of power, people and everything...

...and for those who are worried that I’m sounding a little too serious of late, I thought I’d let you know that it’s daughter’s birthday in a few days time, so we’ll be off for a day of pampering at the local spa. I may even blog about it!



  1. It strikes me that it must take a powerful person to write a strongly worded letter to a hospital. It seems as if you are born with leadership qualities or you aren't. I guess that would be powerful. Although some little dorks grow up to be big powerful dorks. Confusing, huh??

  2. Hi Manzanita, that's precisely what I mean. You always use precisely the right words for the right occasion - colourful words - little dorks do grow up to be powerful dorks and yes it is confusing!

  3. There are a lot of kinds of power - and people use power for all kinds of purposes. I think true power comes from strength of heart and strength of self. You, my dear, have it!

    Congrats on the award :)

  4. Thanks Jemi, I suppose it's when that strength of heart does not have the same aims as the rest of us that power goes wrong.

  5. Very Philosophical

  6. As ever, an interesting Blog and has you have described, power comes in many guises, some for the good otheres not so. But one thing I can say, the power of your writing always has me reading your wonderful Blogs. They make me smile, laugh, cry and think too! Thank you hugs x

  7. Hi Judy and thank you for the comment. I'd love it if you could elaborate on that though... ;-)

  8. Thanks Pauline, I'm glad my writing makes you smile and laugh but so sorry about the tears.

  9. Hi Rosalind, nice to meet you today!

    I think the most powerful people are those who can influence, hopefully for the good and not for self-interest reasons.

  10. I can safely say that's an award that I hope I never receive, but congrats to you for being deemed a "Powerful Woman".

    Tossing It Out

  11. Reports in The Leicester Mercury suggest that your powers of persuasion have produced REAL changes for the elderly in our local hospitals. That's positive power at it's best. Take a bow, Ros!

  12. Hi Arlee, there must be a Powerful Men award out there somewhere and once your A to Z Blog Challenge gets under way you'll be deemed powerful indeed.

  13. Thanks Pippa *bows to the ground* They do seem to be listening, don't they.


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