Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Stylish Blogger? What, me?

I’m not stylish, not in the fashion sense of the word. You’ll never see me in designer wear. I have no end of trouble colour co-ordinating an outfit but since I stopped going out to teach each day and started writing on my laptop instead, any fashion sense I had has disappeared into the folds of my jogging bottoms and baggy jumpers... but I digress. This is about blogs not clothes so a big thank you to Duncan D. Horne for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award.

Accepting a Blog Award is a bit like going up to receive a TV award in that you’re expected to give a speech. In blogger-world the speech is often along the lines of 7 things about me that you don’t already know, but I’m going to keep it brief and list out 3 updates instead.

Update No. 1 – My Hospital Negligence Campaign

I have two meetings tomorrow with members of the NHS Trust and I will be writing up the outcomes as an article for the local newspaper... and of course in full in this blog. I’m still trying to establish exactly what can be realistically done to make changes so please don’t think I’ve given up. On the contrary I’m all the more determined. As I type these words there are elderly frail people in hospital wards longing for a cup of tea or a change of clothes, and generally be neglected in the way that my mother was. I have to do something.

Update No. 2 – My New Cats

I now know the difference between my two grey ladies. It’s Charlie who loves to sleep on laps. She’s on my knee again now forcing my laptop to become a ‘next-to-me-on-the-settee-top'.

Mabel is the one who (in keeping with her name) is still under the table. She does appear at meal times so that’s a good sign but she’s such a timid little girl. I do hope she’ll get used to us soon.

Update No. 3 – An A to Z Blog Challenge

I’m going to take part in the A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ll be posting a short blog on a topic beginning with a different letter of the alphabet every day of April (with Saturdays off for a well deserved rest.) It begins 1st April with the letter A and ends 30th April with the letter Z. I’ll blog more details later but if you want to join in then visit Talli Roland’s blog or Arlee Bird’s blog.

And finally

I’d like to pass on The Stylish Blogger Award to the following three bloggers:

To two blogger/twitter friends:
Rebecca Emin at

And last but, as they say, by no means least, to a new blogger who is cataloguing his fight with migraine at



  1. Congratulations on you Stylish Award. I agree, you are STYLISH. I've meant to tell you how much I like your profile picture. Your hair is beautiful and you look down so intent on your work. The window in the background shows off the green outdoors. You have a stylish blog and you are one "stylish babe."

  2. Thank you so much, Manzanita. Now I'm blushing!

  3. Keep up the good work seeking to improve service in hospitals. It's a worthy cause!

  4. A well deserved award, you are very stylish, intersing and reading all your Blogs. I hope you are able to make the changes so needed at the hospital and that your mum and Rod are doing well. Hugs x and licks and woof from P & D x

  5. How lovely to meet you. Congratulations on your award. And thanks so much for your visit to my blog. Nice to meet another person who loves to sing.

  6. Congrats on the award Rosalind - well deserved! Looks like Charlie is in paradise :)

  7. Thank you for Update #3 and for displaying the A to Z badge. I'll link to this in my next Thank You post.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Your cats are gorgeous... weirdly I think my mother has the same cats. She has two greys - one very timid too. They are called Billie and Millie! Congrats on your award

  9. Hi Ros
    Have just been abroad so missed my award! Thanks so much - I am highly honoured and thinking of a way to celebrate.
    Congrats to you too - def well deserved.
    Will be in touch again.
    The unpacking awaits!)

  10. Thanks to everyone who's sent their kind wishes... and for your comments about our lovely two grey ladies!


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