Sunday, 6 February 2011

Green shoots

Mum is finally out of that dreadful Leicester General Hospital and in a lovely nursing home called Harley Grange. They are not only caring for mum and her illness, they are also tending to the infected bedsores that were caused by the absence of hospital care. To all those NHS people who follow my blog and have urged me to make a formal complaint about the hospital’s negligence, a strongly worded, two pages of A4 will be in the post tomorrow.

Rod succumbed to a nasty tummy bug last weekend and, as his resistance is so low due to the stem cell transplant, it’s taken the best part of the week for him to recover.

And on Monday I pulled something in my back and have spent the week fighting to get mum discharged, moving her and sorting and labelling her things, in a fugue of pain, paracetamol and codeine.

But Mum is now in a caring and safe environment, the sort of environment that I used to think was offered by an NHS hospital. Rod is on the mend and for the last few days has taken over the cooking, cleaning and general running of the house. My back is starting to ease and I’ve just taken a slow walk down the garden where there are green shoots starting to appear.



  1. Oh Ros, I feel for you, I was such a fan of the NHS until I had to deal with "it" recently, or should I say fight it!

    So pleased to hear your mum is in a safe place now. Sounds dreadful to use the word "safe" but Britain today can be a scary place.

    I have a prolapsed disc in my back so sympathies to you. I hope you are able to get some good pain relief.

    And poor Rod too, some nasty bugs around at the moment, not what he needs.

    You're a star in my book, a real battler, no matter what is thrown into your path. Keep at it and don't let anything, or anyone grind you down.

    Best wishes, enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I just came over from Lee's blog to say hi.

    I'm glad to hear that your mother is safe now.

    Best of luck for getting back to normal.


  3. Thanks Maria and thanks for all the help when I was searching for a suitable Nursing Home.

  4. Hi Misha, welcome and thanks for the follow. I truly hope that my blogs can return to my usual more casual commenting some time soon.

  5. My goodness you've had a time of it. I'm so glad your mum is in a better place! There's nothing much worse than watching someone you love suffer. Hope things keep getting better and better for all of you!

  6. Oh, my. Saddened to hear of your mothers treatment, Rosalind. Truly shocking. I wouldn't have thought that of the NHS. Clearly, changing times.

    Glad Rod is on the mend and your back pain is easing.

    Take it easy.

  7. What a troubling time you've had. And bedsores on your poor mother! Oh goodness, yes write those letters! I hope she can improve now that she has better care. I love the green shoot, such a wonderful reminder of the hope of spring, thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Hi Jemi, thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Hi Wendy, it truly is shocking that the NHS has deteriorated to such an extent.

  9. Hi Karen, they say that bedsores are inexcusable these days. My two pages of A4 complaint letter has indeed been sent and will be on 8 people's desks as I type this. Awaiting a response but not holding my breath!

  10. What an ordeal! I'm glad you were able to see the green shoots, though. They're a wonderful sign of the good in store...

    I'm so glad your mum is in a better environment. Hope you and your hubby feel completely better soon!


  11. Thanks Amy. Life does feel like an ordeal at the moment but it can't be this hard forever... I hope.


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