Friday, 17 December 2010

My Little Nut Tree – a warning about wishes

The other week I heard that children’s rhyme about nutmegs and golden pears. It goes like this:
I had a little nut tree. Nothing would it bear,
But a silver nutmeg and a golden pear.
I thought how lovely it would be to have a tree that was covered with silver nuts and laden with golden fruit. Wow! But then I had another think and I wrote this little rhyme:

It all began one winter. I was sick of nuts to eat,
So I asked my little nut tree for a very special treat.

When spring arrived my garden was all lit up with the glare
From a shining, silver nutmeg and a gleaming, golden pear.

‘What luck!’ I thought but people came from miles around to stare
At my super, silver nutmeg and my gorgeous, golden pear.

Some of them were greedy and I knew I must take care
Of my solid silver nutmeg and my great big golden pear.

So I hired guards with snarling dogs and a sign that said, ‘Beware!’
To protect my lovely nutmeg and my precious, golden pear.

But the guards gave me a bill and said, “You know it’s only fair.”
I couldn’t pay. I only had a nutmeg and a pear.

They shouted and got angry and it gave me quite a scare,
So I paid them all I had… which was the nutmeg and the pear.

That winter I was hungry. I’d not even nuts to eat.
So I made a wish and asked my tree for yet another treat.

It worked! I have a nut tree and lots of nuts it bears.
Not a single, silver nutmeg and no silly, golden pears.

I guess we should think carefully before we wish for things.



  1. Gorgeous! I've always loved that nursery rhyme (although I'm curious as to the origins). I like your take on it.

  2. Thanks Merrilee. Some say the original rhyme was written about problems that arose when the King of Spain and his family came to England to visit King Henry VII.

  3. What a lovely poem you wrote, I will remember your version the next time the orginal one is heard and also remember to wish only for what I can cope with....! Hugs x

  4. You've written a delightful poem.

    Yes, I'd rather have a tree full of nuts. I can always buy nutmeg and pears at the grocery store! :)

  5. Hi Pauline, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Thanks Marisa, but can you buy silver nutmegs and golden pears? ;-)

  6. Rosalind, that was wonderful. A lesson for us all there. As you say, be careful what you wish for. Beautiful poem. Would make a great childrens story book too.

  7. sweet! Love it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers~

  8. That was beautiful, I loved it! I just read it out loud to my husband. I'll be thinking of your version from now on when I hear this rhyme. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Hi Nancy, so glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks Amie, and hope your husband enjoyed it too. ;-)

  10. That's awesome!!! We really do have to be careful about our wishes! It's amazing what can happen!

  11. That is absolutely delightful! Great job.

    I made up a tune to go with that (original) poem for my kids and it's one of our favorites. But you've put a whole new twist on it! I love it.


  12. What a delightful wee poem, Rosalind!

    I think I can hear the words ringing in my head :)

  13. You tapped right into my life-time motto... "Be careful what you wish for." I usually get what I wish for but by the time I get it, I don't want it. What a bummer, but I guess the Univrse knows best. A great little poem with a life lesson worthy of jotting on your mirror.
    Have a delightful Christmas,

  14. That's beautiful Ros - I didnt know you write poetry - and your message is spot on.

  15. So glad that you've recognised the message in my poem. I have to admit that I do love writing in rhyme (to answer your query, Ann) It's just a shame that so many children's publishers don't accept rhyming picture book manuscripts.

  16. I don't know the original rhyme, but I love yours! Happy holidays, Rosalind.

  17. Absolutely lovely Ros, I think it would make a beautiful picture book.


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