Friday 10 December 2010

My Award Acceptance Speech...

... and some awards to be awarded too.

A great big thank you to the lovely Pauline Barclay for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award and as a mark of acceptance I understand that I now have to list out seven interesting facts about me. It’s not easy doing this. I’m more comfortable writing interesting facts about others but these are the requirements of the award and so, here goes:

1.      There is a musician inside me struggling to get out. I’ve had a go at playing the oboe, recorder, mouth organ, bodhran drum, classical guitar, folk guitar and piano. I still have the drum, two guitars and a piano around the house so visitors beware!

2.      For the first 45 years of my life I had a recurring dream that I was swimming with dolphins and I’d always wake up disappointed. At the age of 45 I learnt how to swim and I haven’t had the dream since.

3.      I didn’t go to University until after my children started school. I got a degree and trained to be a teacher. Before then I was a secretary, but not a very good one. I never did like being told what to do.

4.      When I was 13 I won a medal for amateur dramatics. I was the leading lady in a play called Dark Brown. (If anyone has a copy I’d love to read it again.)

5.      I have a secret stash of chocolate (Green & Blacks, dark, 70%) hidden in a cupboard but I’m not going to tell you which cupboard.

6.      I long to be able to dance like they do on Strictly Come Dancing. If only they would phone me... but first I’d have to become a celebrity. Bother! 

7.      I meet with a group of writers twice a month. One of the monthly meetings is for a writing workshop. The other is for an ‘everyone bring a dish’ lunch. It’s an excellent way of keeping your writing going through the hard times and it’s also an invaluable support network. In fact, everyone should try the lunch thing and so I end this list with a toast. Here’s to ladies who lunch.
Finally to my award presentation. I’ve provided seven interesting facts and so I’m going to pass the Versatile Blogging Award on to seven bloggers:

Amie Kaufman at

And I’d like to present the Laid Back Ladies Award to: