Monday, 1 November 2021

How can it be November already?

Is it me or is time moving in a different way since Covid? I seem to be very busy but I'm not too sure what with. Last week we went away for a short holiday, our first change of scene since before Covid. We visited a fascinating city but more of that later.

Firstly I would like to flag up my latest piece of poetry that has been published both on the Green Ink Poetry website and in their latest anthology on the theme of roots. It is one of my favourite poems and so, for those who know me, you can guess that it's pure nostalgia. I love writing about my roots - my memories of growing up in 1950s Leicester. Here is the link if you'd like to read it: Post-war Kids by Rosalind Adam

I have, at last, got around to updating my About Me page that includes a list of my published work. I'm rather chuffed to have 17 poems in my published list. If you would like to have a look then click here About Me or on the green tab above.

And now for our holiday - we took a train to Ely in Cambridgeshire. Ely was once an island and as the cross-country train approached the area it slowed down and we were surrounded by watery marshland - a tad creepy but fascinating too.  Ely is a small city with a stunningly beautiful cathedral. My photographs never do justice to beauty but here is my take on the cathedral:

and here is the view of the River Ouse from a lovely eatery, The Cutter Inn. I can recommend it whole-heartedly if you're ever in the area.

Me being me I can't produce an entire blog post without a bit of a moan. We decided to go by train partly because I hate distance driving and partly because it's an easy journey, no changes, and lovely views. My complaint is about the cost. To have made this holiday a stress-free experience I would have preferred open tickets so we were not tied to a set time for travelling. But open tickets are so expensive - there has been a significant increase since last time we made the journey - that we opted for timed tickets with all the related stress of getting to the station for a precise time.

So here is my moan - at a time when most world leaders are meeting in Glasgow to try and reduce carbon emissions shouldn't something be done about the exorbitant cost of train travel? Is it prohibitively expensive to travel by train in your part of the UK/in your part of the world? Or is it just our rail network in the East Midlands?


  1. Time is moving faster somehow - hard to believe it's November. Congrats on your published poem - I enjoyed the nostalgia and character descriptions. Really good. You have quite a lot under your belt and out in the world to be enjoyed.
    Travel anywhere, anyhow is expensive. Glad you did have a getaway and it looked lovely. I adore old churches and I'm not religious. But they are just great pieces of architecture and the folks in charge had the money. Fun post!

    1. Thanks Joanne. It's a shame that travel is expensive everywhere. I was wondering if maybe the public transport over your way would be more reasonably priced. Governments are missing a trick!

  2. I’ll go backwards here. First, I so agree about the cost of train travel. It’s ridiculously expensive. I have to use the train quit often and am always disgruntled at the price, but in the UK it’s horrendous. Still, I’m glad you had a holiday, Ros. Ely is lovely. I remember the cathedral. As you say, it’s stunning. Congratulations on having so many poems published. That’s really great and I shall now pop over and read your nostalgic Post war Kids!

    1. Hi Val, so trains are costly in the Netherlands too. What a shame. Yes, Ely is rather special rising up, as it does, in the middle of the flat marshlands. Hope you enjoyed my Post-war Kids.


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