Thursday 9 September 2021

Feel-good dreams

Apparently, according to dream experts, there are certain kinds of dreams that we all have at some time or another. They include: 

  • falling 
  • being chased 
  • being naked in public
  • and sitting an exam in a subject about which you haven't a clue! 

Some people claim not to remember any of their dreams. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'd certainly like to forget my nightmares. I can still remember the recurring nightmare I had as a child. A fire engine used to chase me down the entry at the side of our house but I don't want to dwell on that. I want to talk about feel-good dreams. 

😴 πŸ›Œ 😴 

Until recently I had a recurring dream where I would find a new room in my house that I didn't know was there. Sometimes I'd dream that the kitchen had a whole extra section with a magnificent row of cupboards and work surfaces (I have a small kitchen in real life). Sometimes I would have to crawl through a low passageway to get to a new room or it might even be a vast extension to the house and it was always exciting. It was a feel-good dream.

😴 πŸ›Œ 😴 

I don't have this dream anymore. It might be because I no longer lust after extensions to the house. What I have suits me just fine. Although the other night my brain took this dream-theme to a different level. In my dream I discovered that I had another email account. It was in my name but I had no idea that it existed, and it had lots of unread emails in it. I was excited but I'm afraid I woke up before I could open any of the emails and I haven't had that dream again.

😴 πŸ›Œ 😴

Aren't dreams strange. You think you know what's going on in your head until you fall asleep and your mind has... well, it has a mind of its own. 

Can you remember your dreams? 

Do you have any recurring ones and are they ever feel-good?