Friday, 4 June 2021

New clothes and bring back hats!

I have nothing to wear. This is not a stereotypical female whinge. This is for real. I have spent over a year slouching about in old joggers and sloppy tops (I bet you have too). Those joggers and tops are now only fit for the recycling bag. I need some smart clothes, ones that fit me. I can't be the only person to have changed shape slightly over the last year and a half! And so I am trying to decide what to buy. 

Skirts: I'm fussy about skirts. Fixed waistbands drive me crazy but elasticated-waisted skirts tend to be uninspiring. Above the knee length looks tarty on me these days, mid-calf looks frumpy and full length often means full width too and so I drown in volumes of material.

(While I'm on the subject of skirts, why do some men wear kilts? And while I'm on the subject of men's clothes what is the tie all about? Why would anyone wear a strip of cloth tied round their neck?)

Dresses: Same problem as skirts re length and don't get me started about the cost. Dresses are so expensive.

Trousers: I have five pairs of smart jeans hanging in the wardrobe. Can't get the zips to do up on any of them, even if I suck my stomach right in. I have several comfortable trousers but they look like pyjama bottoms.

Hats: I do wish hats would become fashionable once more. (I think I've moaned about this before but it bears saying again). I want to wear a different hat each day of the week: beret, fedora, cap, pill box, sombrero, cloche, panama... I feel elegant in a hat. I know I am perfectly free to wear whatever hat I fancy but I'm not confident enough to totally go against the fashion of the day.

Fashions from the 1950s were so elegant and back then my Great Auntie Alice made clothes for all the family. She didn't need to use any kind of pattern but these were some of the styles she would create. What a shame I was too young to benefit...

Oh well, back to searching those online fashion pages...


  1. I hear you and because I have been going to work all along, I've had to wear "real" clothes - jeans and blouses. But gravity is pulling and not enough exercise has not helped pudgy areas. Big sigh indeed. Good luck - stores these days don't cater to our general age group. And no we don't want ugly frumpy.
    As for hats, wear a hat if you like it. I have a friend who does all the time - a grand variety and she looks good in hats. Life's too short, as we've seen, to not do what you want (within reason- grin).

    1. Thanks Joanne. Don't get me started on gravity! Caught sight of myself in the mirror as I was getting dressed this morning. All I can say is AAAGH! I'm still deciding on the hat issue.

  2. You're not alone with these sartorial issues. I have got out of the habit of checking my appearance in the mirror before leaving the house.

    1. Hi Linda. I do check myself when putting a mask on as it makes my hair stick out around my ears but I've stopped wearing earrings since I lost one several months ago while putting on or taking off a mask. It was a special pair because my Mum had bought them for me. I know worse things are happening but even so...

  3. Ros, you're so right. I'm puzzled at how I've changed shape. Not a lot, but just enough to make certain favourite clothes uncomfortable. I am not and never have been a skirt or dress person, so trousers or capri pants are it for me. they can look smart and cool. My daughter would agree with your about hats, though. She loves them and has dozens of them! I think the secret is to wear them with panache. Then anything goes. I'm so sorry you lost the earrings your mum gave you. I would feel very sad about that too. I love earrings and have many that were gifts, so I know how special they are.


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