Sunday, 18 April 2021

Swimming will never be the same again... fact, nothing, for me, will ever be the same again.

Ok, so I'm being over-dramatic, some may even say hysterical, but there's some truth to be found in my neuroses and I'm going to use swimming as an example. 

On Friday I went swimming for the first time in over a year. I hadn't realised quite how much my body had missed it but here's the thing. There were always rules like no running on the poolside and no taking photographs in the sauna, only now there are major rules. 
  • Book ahead for your 45 minute slot
  • Arrive 'beach ready' (which means wearing bathing costume under clothes and remembering to take underwear for the journey home!)
  • Only two people per swimming lane
  • No sauna, jacuzzi or steam room
  • No showering afterwards
But here's the proof, if proof were needed, that, for me, nothing will ever be the same again. About three years ago I ended up in hospital with pneumonia. I know where I caught it. I'd been swimming and went into the steam room afterwards. A guy in there was sneezing and coughing and he wasn't using the crook of his arm to catch the droplets. I should have covered my face, held my breath and dashed out of there but in typical British fashion I sat with stiff upper lip. I put up with it. I won't ever put up with anything like that again.

In spire of all the rules I did enjoy my swim and it's good to show my face out of the house at last, but I must remember to be careful... you know... hands, face space, all that sort of thing which reminds me of a recent altercation with a Twitter idiot and so:
A warning to a denialist: If you are the person who told me on Twitter that there has not been a pandemic and it was all a government plot then I am afraid you are misguided at best, an idiot at worst. I have a family member who works in an Intensive Care Unit of a large hospital so do not tell me that hospitals have had no extra patients. End of matter. I have heard more than enough of your denialist rantings. 


  1. Oh Ros, I think that was pretty brave of you to go to a public swimming pool. Well done you and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. As for the deniers, well, it's hard to know what to say, isn't it? Good for you for standing your ground!

  2. wow - you are braver than me. I'm lucky I have a home pool and I'm very ready for warmer temps so I can swim again for the whole summer (pretty much May thru Sept in TX). But indeed - I am far more aware of how gross people are and the germs that are spread everywhere. Wow - and I was never a germ-a-phobe. Good luck and stay healthy my friend!


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