Thursday 13 August 2020


Clothes feedback:

Before I start strolling I thought I'd give some feedback from my previous post about where to get responsibly sourced clothes. A number of people left comments on my Facebook page about this. They ranged from:
      'You can never be sure where the material has come from or how the clothes have been made' 
      'It's best to buy second hand or recycled clothes if possible' 
      'Here's a list of five trustworthy suppliers.' 

I was pleased to see White Stuff on the list because I love their clothes. I'd never heard of the other four which are: Dedicated, Know the Origin, People Tree and Thought Clothing.


Over the last few months I've become very well acquainted with people's front gardens. Shielding for vulnerable people in Leicester ends on Monday 17th August - we hope - so our main outing each day is a stroll around the block. We do have a choice. We step out of the front door and discuss whether to turn right or left. Ok, so it's not much of a choice but it amuses us.

There are as many different kinds of front gardens as there are people. Hollyhocks feature high in our walk. We're forever dodging out of their way as they lean and sway. Hydrangeas deserve a mention. I love the way they fade from pink to blue. I know about the science - acidic and alkaline soil - but their colours fascinate me, almost mystical. Roses always demand attention to check if they have a perfume and then there are the hedges...

Our front garden plants
We used to have a hedge in our front garden until the council sent us a letter asking us to keep it trimmed back. It was an escalonia and I thought it looked pretty but we responded by removing it. This was a good move. It's only a small front garden and now we have a selection of small shrubs that give variety and colour.

Some of the hedges we have to negotiate on our daily stroll surely deserve one of those council letters especially as they are often alongside a car parked half on the pavement - or even three quarters in some cases. Add to this the problem of social distancing and you can imagine our frustrations. We are continually having to step into the road. 

By far the best bit about strolling round the block is bumping into friends and neighbours. It's only then that I realise how much I desperately miss interacting with other people. Us humans were never meant to be lone creatures. I'm not hankering after a massive, sweaty rave-up but a few friends round for afternoon tea would be good. All we need now is an update from the government with a Covid-19 all clear for Leicester!