Sunday 2 February 2020

Link to my poem

A big thank you to the Ekphrastic Review for publishing my poem Tempus Fugit. Before I give you the link, here is the story behind it.

Templecombe Station is on the line from Exeter to Waterloo, the route I take when visiting my sister. The train was not scheduled to stop at Templecombe but stop it did. The rhythm of the Station's name reminded me of Adlestrop and I jotted down some ideas in my note book while we waited. As we slowly departed from the Station I noticed a statue. The train gathered speed. The statue disappeared from view but Google was at hand to tell me all about it when I got home.

Tempus Fugit is the title of the statue which was sculpted by Sioban Coppinger and Fiona Peever. It was fascinating talking with them and the Friends of Templecombe Station group (FoTS) when I sought their permission. A FoTS member gave me information about the statue and a photograph to send off with my submission.

It learnt that Tempus fugit (Time flies) was designed to be both a sculpture and sundial. The bronze statue is of a railwayman consulting the British Rail timetable, some of the pages of which have blown away and landed on the grass marking the hours of the sundial. The statue is the gnomon (the shadow cast on the sundial).

And here is the link to my poem: Tempus fugit