Friday, 17 January 2020

An Amazon Moan

Amazon exasperates me. This morning I decided to update by Amazon Author Page and was shocked to see that they have my Jewish Voices book for sale at £61. This is a complimentary book. It says as much on the back cover. The printing of the books was paid for the Heritage Fund UK. How can anyone possibly be expected to pay £61 for a free book?

I also noted that they don't mention the paperback version of The Children's Book of Richard III. The hardback copies have completely sold out which means that anyone visiting Amazon to get a new copy of my book, rather than a used copy, can't get one. I don't know what Amazon's rules are but I have stated as much in my author profile blurb. Here is what I said:

...Rosalind's 'Children's Book of Richard III' is selling so well that it has now gone into paperback. The paperback does not seem to be available on this site but has proved to be a best seller in the Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester's Museum shops, the Bosworth Battlefield shop and can be purchased from the author herself...

I wonder if they will object. Incidentally, I now have a supply of books to sell at events etc so if you would like a copy, seeing as you're my blog friend, I'll let you have a signed copy for £8. Just comment below.

This is the link to my Amazon author page. If you've got a browsing minute perhaps you could have a look and let me know if I've missed anything or if anything needs updating.


  1. Hi Ros - what a pain ... I'll have a look anon, but suspect I don't look around that often, so probably would miss something. Keeping on top of Amazon seems to be a challenge ... good luck and so glad you're still out and about with Richard - cheers Hilary

  2. You never know with Amazon - that Jeff Bezos is sneaky and rich. Anyway, glad you got it sorted and hopefully plenty of paperback sales ahead.

  3. Ros, Amazon drives us all mad. The pricing of your recent books looks fine, but I notice Bathtime Rap is 62GBP as well as Jewish Voices. On the US site where I buy my books, it's $32, which is quite a difference. Well done with the sales of your Richard III book! That's wonderful!


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