Friday, 24 May 2019

Talks, Talks, Talks

Over the last two days I've been to three different events, each with speakers and each speaker with a very different kind of message.

Bill Turnbull:
The first event was the Annual LOROS Ladies' Luncheon. It's a big affair held at the King Power Stadium (a football place!!). Over 600 women were fed, plied with wine and ready for a talk from the television personality, Bill Turnbull and he pitched it perfectly with warmth, humour and a captivating personality. He talked about his career in news broadcasting and his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing before moving on to his diagnosis and ongoing treatment for prostate cancer. It was a brave subject to address but he did it gently with enough humour to keep the mood buoyant whilst at the same time driving home the message to get to the GP straight away if you have any doubts.

Dialogue between faiths:
That evening I had been invited to accompany a friend to an Iftar meal, the meal with which Moslems break the daily fast during the month of Ramadan. It was organised by the Dialogue Society who firmly believe that promoting dialogue between faiths, getting us to talk about our beliefs, our differences and our similarities, goes a long way towards eradicating discrimination. There were speakers from a number of faiths talking on the subject both before and after the meal. Sadly, you only have to read the newspapers to see that it hasn't worked for everyone yet but it's a good place to start.

Poetry with a message:
The next day I was off to Nottingham for a poetry pamphlet launch - two poetry pamphlets to be precise. The launch was held at the amazing Five Leaves Bookshop in Long Row, Nottingham and the poets were both brilliant and poles apart.

Linda Stern Zisquit came over from Jerusalem to launch her pamphlet, From the Notebooks of Korah's Daughter. She has taken lines from the Psalms and written her responses to them during a time of great personal turmoil. Her words were moving. She had me spellbound.

Declan Ryan was reading from Fighters, Losers, where he finds poetry in the lives of famous boxers, in their rise to stardom and in their inevitable but painful fall. He delivered his work with a delightful helping of sardonic humour.

Well done to the publishers, New Walk Editions. They have two winners on their books.


  1. Wow - I would have loved to join you at all events. I enjoy expanding the mind and thoughts with good speakers. So much to ponder and gain inspiration. Good for you- glad these events were enjoyable and thought provoking. If only we could all get along....

  2. Hi Ros - how wonderful to read ... and yes I'd join you too. It must have been interesting hearing Bill Turnbull talk about his recent life ... and that he's so inspirational. The poetry looks good too ... I've put New Walk into my feed reader - always interesting to know about ideas etc.

    I wonder if you've come across Palewell Press ... an independent publisher with a tag line of 'Justice, Equality and Sustainability' ... environmental aspects, as well as poetry, tales and stories from refugees ... they are a Human Rights publisher ... I wrote about them in July last year ...

    There are so many wonderful ideas around for us to educate our minds and grow those brain cells ... I've another #WATWB post along similar lines coming out on Friday ...

    Sounds so interesting ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary, I rather think I get more inspired about educating my mind the older I get. Palewell Press sounds very interesting. I'll go over and have a look at them. Thanks for the reminder.


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