Thursday, 21 March 2019

A Day of Spontaneity

A quiet day in Peterborough, that was what I had planned for Daughter and myself. We would have a bite to eat in John Lewis, wander up to the Cathedral and then sip coffee in an as-yet-unidentified cafe. Even though Peterborough is equidistance between us, this was the first time we had arranged to meet there. It was what we both needed on one of Daughter's rare work breaks - a nice quiet day.

I was about to leave the house when she rang. The Peterborough train has been cancelled. Let's meet in London and have lunch at Ottolenghi's... and so began a manic but marvellous meet-up.

Ottolenghi's is in Islington, a typical Israeli relaxed kind of place with long white tables and lots of chatter. We each had a plate piled high with rich and varied salads. As our food was placed before us, I couldn't help thinking that salads never looked like this when I was young.

We sat for hours putting the world to rights and then we wandered off to Angel Islington and the boutique shops. I fell in love with a handbag and, as this was a day of spontaneity, I bought it. We wandered on past a nail bar... well not exactly past. We went into the nail bar and minutes later we were sitting side-by-side having our hands massaged and our nails painted. I went for glittery pink. Daughter chose blue.

In the next street we found one of those caf├ęs where people sit with laptops or lounge on settees and we put yet more of the world to rights over an afternoon cuppa by which time it was no longer afternoon. It was six o'clock and time to return to St Pancras Railway Station.

Just time for a final hug and a wave and the day was over. What a treat, and all the more enjoyable for being so spontaneous.


  1. Sounds a lovely day. Sometimes we overplan.

  2. Hi Ros - so pleased you were able to join up and that the cancellation didn't stop you 'running' off to get south. Lovely to buy the treat - handbags, lunch sounds delicious ... and now pink nails to boot ... the day sounds just lovely - well done to you both - cheers Hilary

  3. How wonderful that the day just unfolded and you rolled with it. Lovely! I am sure your daughter felt equally at peace and enjoyed the day with her mum. Nifty!

  4. Ohmigosh - that sounds like day of my dreams, meeting up with my daughter for lunch at Ottolengi. the handbag and nails are the cherry on the top!


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