Sunday, 1 April 2018

This is Facebook at its VERY best...

A visiting cat has been terrorising not only our two cats, but me as well. I have called it Killer Cat. I've tried shooing it off in the usual way, clapping my hands and barking loudly - maybe a tad unconventional but it normally works. Instead of running off, Killer Cat hissed and went on the attack. I retreated inside.

My next attempt to send Killer Cat running was with a long-handled cobweb brush. It made short shrift of this, viciously ripping the feathery end off it and then going for the handle. I retreated inside.

As a last resort - and this always works with normal cats - I wielded the bowl of cold water. KC shook the water off and came at me with teeth bared. I retreated inside.

I peered through the cat flap window to see if it had gone, only to see its grimacing face peering back at me. As the lock is broken on the cat flap, I pulled the kitchen bin across it. That seemed to deter it for the time being, but the next day it was back again.

This went on for several days. My cats were becoming ever more anxious. I ordered a cat flap with a chip-recognition facility but that didn't solve the problem of what do to with Killer Cat in the garden. Thanks to Daughter a solution, of sorts, was close...

Daughter suggested I take a photograph when it next visits and post it up on Facebook. Yesterday it reappeared, hissing and teeth-baring as usual. I took a photo and posted it on our local Community Facebook page. For a start I just got a few likes. Then this morning someone suggested that it might be Cedric, a cat who lives a few streets away from me. She posted up a Facebook comment from Cedric's owner, posted up last year when the cat had gone 'walk-abouts'. It included a contact phone number.

I have just finished chatting on the phone to Cedric's Mummy. Yes, it is Cedric but she was shocked because at home he's 'as soft as butter'. We talked about strategies and I assured her I would be in touch again if/when Cedric revisits.

I still can't believe that within 24 hours I have found out who the cat is and spoken to its owner. This is Facebook working at its impressive best. Isn't it a shame that something so potentially useful can also cause such harm.

Cedric aka Killer Cat

p.s. Don't want to speak too soon but I think I've just about fought off that evil flu virus. It's been a long winter!


  1. Hi Ros - I sincerely hope Fearful the flu virus has decided to disappear from town ... and also that Cedric aka killer cat ... will stay at home for a while - still I guess knowing where its owner lives must help - cheers Hilary

  2. I agree very much that the social media tools we now have are great but no matter what good comes along there is always a flipside.

  3. FB can be used for good or evil. Sounds like it proved quite useful. Now hopefully you can ward off evil Cedric the Cat, and will no longer be pounced upon by the evil flu. Everything shall look up for you in April. Take care

  4. Am glad Cedric is safely home and you have your garden back. As for Facebook ... I’m glad it was useful for this, at least.

  5. I'm glad you were able to use Facebook to find the cat's owner.

    The flu has been especially ugly this year, hope you have been successful in fighting it off.


  6. I Hope that KILLER CAT has not returned and that The Flu does not come back either. I do wonder if KILLER CAT is acting in the same way as some children do. Perfect at home but horrid when at school or other peoples houses.(Indeed sometimes the other way round!!!!)Petra.

  7. we had a visiting terror ... a black cat who was owned by some very nice Lithanians round the back. They also maintained he was a softy, even as he attacked your eg as you stood chatting. Eventually, we got a new cat ~ Kitteny...the part Siamese Tortie of current fame. Within a week, she had 'treed' him ..and so terrified him that we've never seen him since. She is available for hire.

  8. Facebook at its most useful for sure! I’m glad you are getting to a possible solution fir Killer Cat! How unnerving!

  9. So glad you're feeling better now.
    We also once had a killer cat - but we discovered the reason. She had just given birth and was protecting her baby kittens. For over a week I couldn't go out into our garden because she sat guard near the back door and hissed, bared her teeth and jumped at anyone who opened it. We have a high wall surrounding our garden and although she had obviously had no problem jumping down it took a while until her babies were big/strong enough to follow her up the wall and finally leave us to access our own little garden once again.


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