Sunday, 11 February 2018

A School Topic on Richard III

Yesterday I got a message via The Children's Book of Richard III's Facebook page from a teacher. She wanted to buy one of my books. I was delighted to hear from her. She's a local teacher and her class is doing a topic on Richard III. I have offered to visit her school. I told her that I don't charge for school visits. All I ask is for the school and/or its pupils to buy a few books from me to cover my costs.

So far, so good. Now here's the down side:

The teacher told me in her message that a well known online book-selling website says there are no books available, only second-hand ones. They are wrong. There are books available. This is not the first time this has happened. So I shall endeavour to circumnavigate that well known site and let you all know that we have books available at The Reading Shop. If you click on the link you can buy a book and it will be sent to you by the very same person who would have packed and posted it to you had you gone to that other site.

This blog post is also a reminder that I am still available to give talks in schools 
in return for a few book purchases. This is me in action:


  1. Hi Ros - what a challenge things get thrown at us ... just glad you've resolved it ... and enjoy that school visit - cheers Hilary

  2. indeed -glad they can buy your books and have you for a chat. The children benefit and learn history in a positive way. Enjoy!

  3. Hi! I’m trying to buy this book and can’t find it anywhere, can I buy directly from you please?

    1. I’m sorry you’ve had trouble buying my book. It is on sale in the Visitors Centre opposite Leicester Cathedral, in the local museum shops and at the Battle of Bosworth shop. I don’t have the facilities to receive payments but my colleague, Lynn Moore, has a supply of the books and will be able to ship one out to you if you would like to email her at


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