Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Apple and honey time again

Where did the summer go? And what has kept me so busy that I've been neglecting my blog? Here are just a few of my summer activities:

We had an amazing visit from Son and his family. I got to see all those familiar Leicester places through children's eyes again - New Walk Museum with its dinosaurs and mummies, the Guildhall with the prisoners in the cells, our impressive High Cross shopping centre and the glittering shops in The Lanes that had DIL and Granddaughter enthralled.

The Jackson Five from Motown the Musical
We've been tourists in London again, going to two more amazing London shows - yes I agree, they are VERY expensive! But I do love going.

We saw Motown The Musical which not only had fabulous music. It also told a disturbing story of the fight that Black Music had in white America in the 1960s. I've lived through all of that but had never appreciated how hard they had to fight to even get Motown music played on mainstream radio in the US, especially the Southern States. Black music was not considered appropriate for white ears - as I said, disturbing. We also saw American in Paris. This was not quite as dynamic as 42 Street which we saw in April but it had the most amazing scenery - with the effect of being painted as you watched it emerge - and the music was Gershwin which I love.

Daughter got us organised and took us on a spa holiday down to Salcombe. The Harbour House Hotel was pure luxury. Our rooms had amazing views across the estuary.
We had massages and facials and we lounged around in the sauna and jacuzzi. We wandered round the small town, ate local ice cream, went on a boat trip. What more can you ask of a holiday? A big thanks to Daughter.

So now it's almost time for the second half of my MA Course at Leicester University to begin. No, I'm not ready for it. But before that there is Rosh Hashonah, the Jewish New Year, which starts this evening, Wednesday 20th. So I'd like to wish you all the traditional greeting of Shana Tova - have a sweet and happy new year - and once again I'd like to share my virtual apple and honey with you.


  1. You have had a busy time. Good luck for the rest of your course and Shana Tova.

  2. Such an excellent time. I saw those shows- true Americana. Glad you enjoyed them. I actually visited the real Motown studio- thrilling.
    Good luck with a new semester
    And cheers to your Jewish celebration. Apples and honey and blessings to you
    All the best

  3. Hi Ros - sounds as though you've had the most delightful time together ... isn't Salcombe a delight ... beautiful area of the world. Leicester must be thriving now - lovely you could have that tour around with younger eyes. Fantastic you got down for two shows ... I've also just seen An American in Paris - I love the way it was turned into a new book and then a new musical ... and as you say the creativity of it was a delight.

    Have very happy Rosh Hashonah with a very sweet and happy New Year to one and all ... good luck with the next part of the your MA - congratulations ... cheers Hilary

  4. You sound as though you had an enjoyable summer which should see you through the darker days.
    Shanah today.


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