Tuesday, 24 January 2017

So much to do but...

Is it too late to wish people a happy New Year? I guess it’s never too late to wish happiness upon others. I have tried very hard to keep focussed on my University writing this last month. You may have noticed that I’ve kept away from here. I’ve only popped onto Twitter and Facebook briefly to say ‘hi’...
There has been one major distraction and I can’t seem to cure myself of the addiction. Scrabble…online Scrabble, or Words With Friends to be absolutely precise. I keep having to have a quick look to see if I can place that elusive seven-letter word or an exhilarating ZA with the Z on a triple letter going two ways. You’re probably thinking that I need to get a life but that’s the problem. I have one, a very busy one, and so my addiction will have to be ‘managed’.

As for my ‘very busy life’, here is a taster:

I completed my first assignment for the MA in Creative Writing two weeks ago. I loved every minute of it…even the hours spent from 3.30 am the day before the submission deadline. I discovered an artist who has depicted his early life in a Polish shtetl through the medium of a series of paintings. I have written a collection of poems around his work, linking it to my Grandma’s early years.

I entertained the entire family over the Christmas period and cooked myself almost to a standstill. It was lovely to see them all, to have them all under one roof. It rarely happens, but I have had to accept that I’m getting old. I needed some serious rest and recuperation after the last of my family departed.

I’m in the middle of gathering and writing up research for a book charting the formation of the Progressive Jewish Community in Leicester. It’s a fascinating story including the long-term loan of a Czech Torah scroll that was confiscated by the Nazis when they rounded up the Jews in Czechoslovakia. I will tell more of that story here soon, but for now I have deadlines and so I must get on.

Oh yes, and a happy 2017 to everyone. The sun is shining as I type this. Maybe Spring will soon be here.


  1. Belated happy new year. I am always interested to hear what you are getting up to.

  2. You are a busy woman and oh, so interesting. Glad everything is buzzing along well in 2017. Cheers to you.
    P.S. I am horrible at Words with Friends.

  3. Hi Ros - what an inspiring read ... and am so pleased the MA course is proving so successful. Then your creative work around the Polish artist's representation of life in a shtetl ... must be so enlightening - for you both.

    Christmas and family .. wonderful time by the sound of it ... the your research for the histor of the Progressive Jewish Community in Leicester -

    You have a very happy and wonderful year ahead ... congratulations to you - cheers Hilary

  4. Happy New Year Ros, I have been wondering about you.
    Life sounds busy, but very exciting too.
    Good luck to you in all you do. :-)

  5. Belatedly, happy new year...so proud of you on your course!

  6. Glad I'm not the only one who's been away from the blog for a while. Sounds like you are very happily busy. Happy New Year to you, too!

    I used to be hooked on a game called Word Zap. Don't think it's around anymore. Maybe I should try Word With Friends. Hmm. Or maybe not ;)

  7. I too have been away, or rather here and there. I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful time with your Master's, Ros! Very good to hear that!

  8. I share your addiction, and I'm also exceedingly busy. And no, I won't ask if you want to play against me. Three opponents are quite enough for me.

  9. Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying gathering your info for the writing.

    I quite like Words with Friends, but I try and keep away from it for the very reason you describe!

    Hope you will post again soon.


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