Sunday, 4 September 2016

My Strictly Poem

It surprised me to see that it is five years since I posted up this poem. It's still relevant, still true to the very last word and so, as Strictly Come Dancing returned to the TV yesterday evening, I'm reposting my Strictly poem. 

Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens.
I’m as happy as Len with a ten.
From now til December I’ll jive in my dreams
with the Strictly Professional men.

I’ll dress up in sequins, a basque made of lace,
high heels and a teeny tight skirt,
doing chasses and flicks with a smile on my face
and not one single muscle will hurt.

Now, I know that a dream should remain strictly that
but this dream is a much longed-for goal.
It’s to dance a routine with a cane and a hat
in the arms of that cute Brendan Cole.