Wednesday, 6 January 2016

That Post-Holiday Feeling

A post-holiday rhyme

I’m trying to think of new stories to write.
It’s a new year. My mind should be brimming and bright.

But the ideas won’t come cause I have eaten too much.
Creativity’s choked by the Christmas pud starch.

The food has been constant, the dinners, the cake,
and chocolates - so many they made my gut ache. 

So I've gone on a diet of fruit and good stuff
cause I know that my tummy has had quite enough.

In a few days the goodness will reach to my brain
And then I can get back to writing again.

How do you cope with all the holiday excess? 


  1. I think I'm still in a food coma. You are not alone. Plus just hanging with family, etc. got me lazy. I am easing into it and yes, the brain is thinking about stuff to write. Let's ooze into 2016 together. We won't be too hard on ourselves.

    1. You make it sound almost elicit! Yes let's ooze into 2016!

  2. Hi Ros - fun posting .. and yes I've just been out to lunch - so I'm full once again and I have one of those things next week where the age comes of age ... and so it goes on - but once the 20th is here .. I shall have to stop. I like Joanne's comment of oozing into 2016 ...

    Cheers and welcome back ... Hilary

  3. For the past few years I've headed somewhere hot as soon as the decorations are down. This year is much the same, although I don't actually leave till next week.

    1. Have a lovely time, Jo, and no doubt you'll blog about your new adventures.

  4. Great little ditty, very apt too.
    I have had so many blow outs over Christmas in previous years, that I vowed to be a goody two shoes. I've maintained my weight throughout. Which is good, because I am overweight and trying to lose just over a stone this year.

    Drink lots of water, get out and about outside if you can, take walks and swim Ros!
    Lots of vegetables are a good choice though...
    The muse will soon return.

    1. Thanks, Maria. It may not be high literary stuff but it certainly is apt. My brain hasn't got into gear at all yet this year. I would get outside if only if would stop raining!

  5. I love your poem, Ros. This year my daughters were both with their other families, so we didn't really do the festive food. It was quite a relief really!

    1. It can be hard work munching through all that rich Christmas food. Why do we do it?!


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