Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Mist Descends - Autumn photographs

What a difference a day makes:

I took some autumnal photographs in the garden yesterday.

It was October 31st and I tried to capture the beauty of the light on the autumn leaves.

I couldn't catch the bird song

or the slight smoky smell in the air

so you will have to imagine those things.

On the left is the sun shining through the Rowan tree.

The birds have now eaten most of the berries. I hope they don't regret gorging. I hope it's not too cold a winter.

On the right is the Virginia Creeper.

It is always far more spectacular than my camera can ever portray

so loads of imagination required here please.

This is a seed head from an echinacae flower.

I suspect the birds have been gorging yet again.

Then came this morning, November 1st, and the garden is telling me that winter has arrived...

...Now, where did I put my gloves?


  1. These are lovely, Ros. How lovely are gardens can look in the autumn! And how tatty when the sun retreats and it's all gloom!

  2. Hi Ros - we had mist this morning ... and then it cleared and was really warm ... now the sea mist rolled in and we're mist-covered and it's fast cooling! Lovely shots - I had some great ones during my trip - they'll materialise at some stage!! and be useful as reference photos anon ...

    The echinacea head is brilliant - love it .. cheers Hilary

  3. Ah, Ros, the colours are lovely and The misty mornings of November are special. Very atmospheric photos. Thank you for posting them!

  4. You captured Oct to Nov well. I like that misty picture. Hope it does not get too cold for you too soon.

  5. Oh how I love the autumnal colours that you show so well here. I have quite a few photographs of autumn leaves and cones etc on my lounge wall.These are all collected near my home and include,Maclura Pomifera,Liriodendron,Ginkgo Biloba and Metasequoia Glyptostroboides. Petra.

  6. I've really enjoyed Autumn this year, the colours have been spectacular. Most likely due to our run of good weather. The sunshine made all the difference I think...

    Not looking forward to winter though,

  7. Lovely photos Ros. I will have to get my camera out again.


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