Monday 15 June 2015

From National Smile Day to Diabetes Week

Special Days 

I’m sure that everybody, certainly living in the UK, will know that today is the anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, but what else is June 15th known for?

Today in the UK it is Beer Day Britain. Today we are supposed to celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink. I’m not sure that I feel amazingly excited about it. (I wonder if there is an Archers Peach Schnapps Day?)

Apparently in the US today is Lobster Day. I’ve never eaten a lobster. I don’t fancy trying one now and I don’t know why it needs its own day. (Anyone got any idea?)

Also in the US it is Nature Photography Day and National Smile Power Day. Now you’re talking! I can share a nature photograph…

A rose from the garden
And a smile, or better still two smiles from the grandchildren, always powerful enough to lift the heaviest of spirits…

My grand Grandkids
I Googled the list of 'special days' in Britain and I found that today is part of the following special weeks:

British Heart Week
Oxfam Water Week
National School Grounds Week
Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week has a special significance in my life because that lovely smile on the right of the above photo is my little grandson who was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes before his second birthday. 

To look at him you would never know that he has a pump permanently attached to his stomach to administer insulin. This means that at least he doesn't have to have four or five injections a day but he still has to have his blood levels monitored round the clock. He has to have all his food checked and weighed and when he gets overexcited his levels go crazy, which is sad because he tends to get overexcited every time we visit. 

Let's hope that one day they can find a cure for this awful disease. I know that the scientists are working on it but as with everything else, they need money. Here is the Diabetes UK website if you would like to know more. There is also the JDRF website which specifically raises money for research into curing Diabetes in children.