Friday, 24 October 2014

The Dreaded Sunday Clock Fiasco

The family know to keep out of my way,
It’s the end of October again.
If you ask me the time, I won’t know what to say.
Greenwich Meantime has messed with my brain.

The Sunday fiasco begins with a groan.
Is it eight o’clock, seven or nine?
My alarm clock apparently changed on its own.
I’m just grateful my watch is still mine.

It feels like it’s lunchtime but no one is sure.
Am I early or am I too late?
I’ve decided a real early night is the cure
Cause my body clock’s in such a state.

This is not just my way of saying that the clocks go back this Sunday. It truly is how I feel. I obviously have a very sensitive body clock. It’s a good job I don’t have to do regular commutes to the US!

Is it just me?


  1. I certainly know what you mean....

  2. Hi Ros .. I just enjoy the clock changing - but I like change ... and love the different feel. Though I can understand how you feel and know that some people's body clocks really suffer - and yes thank goodness you're not commuting over the pond! We wouldn't find you .. cheers Hilary

  3. Oh no, it's not just you. And I hate the clocks changing - the long winter nights are enough to send me reaching for the Lonely Planets and working out where to go next!

  4. I like the fall back - sleep an "extra hour". And I like my morning commute to be less dark. But my poor husband has to drive home in the dark and then he's grouchy. The time change is a mind game. Good luck

  5. This end of the year is OK because I get an extra hour in bed. But in spring when we lose an hour - I'm a wreck!

  6. Lucky for me our time didn't change!

  7. I can so relate to this Ros. A lovely, humorous and witty poem about something many of us find chronically confusing. Love it!

  8. And dogs who ask to eat at the wrong time, go potty at the wrong time, and on and on. One time change is to my benefit, the other to theirs. Can never figure out which one for days. Here in the US the clocks go back on November 2nd. I think to keep the children in daylight a bit longer on Halloween. Not sure though, but it used to be earlier.

  9. I love your poem, Ros, although the time change doesn't really bother me. I'm glad that, for once, we're in sync with you and I don't have to think about whether the difference has gone from 2 hours to 3 or to 1. ~Miriam

  10. Excellent poem that deserves a wider audience - send it to a newspaper!


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