Saturday, 26 July 2014

I'm at Hedges Towers

Today you can find me lounging on that lovely Pink Sofa at Hedges Towers

Thank you, Carol, for a lovely *hic* time and if you've never visited Carol Hedge's blog then now is the time to do it. Her blog posts are always an excellent read... *polite cough* ...especially today. "Yes, please, Carol, I will have another drop of mead." *hic*!


  1. I visited the Towers. Very nice post and such a happy ending to your publishing tale. I'm writing this quietly - I assume you are napping after the drop(s) of mead

  2. And how well you blend in with the Pink Sofa!

  3. Jo is right. You and the Pink Sofa were made for each other…xx

  4. Are you having a Barbara Cartland moment, dear?


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