Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Writing Den

It's been a long time in the making but it's finally finished. All it needs are a few extra cushions and  a bean bag for lounging. It's already inspired me to write a new picture book story. I'm feeling quite excited about this one. It's been a while since I completed anything brand new. [Do you ever get too hooked up on editing old stuff and forget to generate new?]

By way of a reminder, the space used to be a glory hole behind a partition in Daughter's bedroom, and this photograph shows Mr A practicing his amazing DIY skills,

And this...

          ~~~ roll of drums ~~~ 

                  the finished writing den!

And there's more...

This is the view from the window. The garden is yet another example of Mr A's handy work and his favourite place to be. Clever, isn't he! J  

[If you look really carefully you can just see Mabel-the-cat half way down the lawn. It wasn't long before she pattered up the stairs to join me. Daughter's bed makes a perfect cat-day-bed. Must change the quilt cover before her next visit!]

So now you know where I'll be writing from now on. Where is your most inspiring place to work?


  1. Wow, writing den looks wonderful. As does the garden. Your husband has great DIY skills!

  2. Nice!!! I love the space - and the view is beyond gorgeous!! Enjoy :)

  3. Fabulous! You lucky thing! We expect great things of you now! [no pressure..!]

  4. Lovely Ros, it's most be good to have a little room to disappear to. Your garden is beautiful. Next year I'm going to add flowers to mine. Can I be mosey and ask if that's a doll house in the garden? I'm intrigued it looks so real. Closer photo please! Lol

  5. Ros, that is such a beautiful view from the window! I like to write while I'm travelling actually. I get inspired by travelling and seeing new things.

  6. Thanks Marisa and Jemi.

    Hi Susan, thanks for the pressure.

    Hi Anne, it's a Victorian greenhouse. If you click on the photos on most blogs you get to see them in larger format.

    Hi Duncan, I've tried writing when I travel but I get too wrapped up in looking and photographing to even get my notepad out. I suppose it's all being saved up in my head for later though.

  7. It's beautiful...and so tidy.

  8. Never mind about the writing, is Mr A available for hire? ;-)
    Seriously though, beautifully kept garden. And lucky you...

    I don't have any one inspiring place where I write. However, if I go off walking beforehand, I settle to writing far better if that counts.

  9. Looks great - a really inspiring room and what a view!!

    I used to write down in the basement - plenty of room and away from the prying hands of little children. Even though they grew up, I never moved - old habits and all that.
    Until I broke my leg and everything was brought upstairs to the lounge/salon ....and I've never gone downstairs again.
    It's much nicer and nearer the rest of the world.

  10. How will you ever get any writing done with that view? :) Your new den is lovely; I'm very impressed. I have a little corner in our bedroom - one of those desks-in-the-wardrobe. It does mean I can shut it away and not have to look at my workspace as I'm going to sleep.

  11. That's a lovely snug place to work - and a superb view to stare out on when you're looking for inspiration. Clever husband indeed.

  12. Let me think ... where inspires me ... (where doesn't!)

    But I can see the appeal of your garden view. All those restful greens! Enjoy - I hope you have a wonderful, productive time in your room.

  13. Such a lovely view from your window.

    And, yes, I've been reworking a few old stories recently, and I'm working on my first new piece since March, so I know what you mean!

  14. Hi Ros .. great space for you and with that lovely view .. I'd be tempted out rather often!

    Congratulations to you both .. Mr A for his industriousness and you for fixing up the furnishings etc .. and then of course Mabel for finding a new comfy space!

    cheers Hilary

  15. Don't know which I envy you more - the den looks fantastic, but I love the garden too. I thought for a moment you had a desk out there, but it must be the slanted top of a barbecue?

  16. Hello Rosalind. Oh I love that garden. I did fall into that habit of working on old material and not generating new stories. Had to give myself a mental shake on that one. Is that your muse sitting on a chair in the writing den? He's a cutie. I enjoy writing outdoors. I think it's the sunshine and fresh air that does it for me. I'm looking forward to following your blog. :-)

  17. Stopping by from Susan Roebuck. Your new place is AWESOME. Your own space, a great view and a cat??? You've got everything you need! Congratulations!

  18. Your new writing space looks lovely! And what a beautiful view. Now you've inspired me to tidy up my desk a bit ;)

  19. The writing den turned out great! I'm impressed with Mr A's painting and gardening skills! It's nice that you also have the option to write in your beautiful garden weather permitting. Julie


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