Monday, 10 October 2011

Winning Books

I’ve won four books this week! 

Two books arrived in the post the other day from John Dougherty. I’d entered a book title competition on the AwfullyBig Blog Adventure site during their Litfest 2011 and have won a signed copy of ‘Zeus on the Loose!’ and ‘Bansi O’Hara and the Bloodline Prophecy’. They both look like wacky reads and have joined my tbr pile.

Susanna Leonard Hill had a competition on her blog recently and I've won a signed copy of one of her picture books, ‘Can’t Sleep Without Sheep’. It sounds like fun but I haven’t received it yet as it’s having to travel all the way from the US.

And this morning the postman delivered a signed copy of RebeccaEmin’s book, ‘New Beginnings’. I entered a caption competition on her blog and this is my prize. It sounds fascinating. 

Here's the sales blurb:  Sam Hendry is not looking forward to starting at her new school. Things go from bad to worse as the day of truth arrives and all of her fears come true... and then some. When Sam meets a different group of people who immediately accept her as a friend, she begins to feel more positive. With her new friends and interests, will Sam finally feel able to face the bully who taunts her, and to summon up the courage to perform on stage?
So when I’ve finished here I’m going to settle down with a mug of tea and a piece of homemade fruit bread and start Rebecca’s books.
[Yes, you did read that correctly... homemade fruit bread. We have a new cooker and it’s amazing. I now know why I haven't been able to bake recently. This new cooker can be set to different temperatures unlike the old one which I now realise was cooking everything on a temperature akin to furnace level.]
Before I settle down with Rebecca’s book I’d just like to thank everyone again for their support during our virtual Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. We raised £215.50 for the charity. If you missed it you can still visit the blog post and the JustGiving page that we set up in memory of our Mum.

That only leaves the fancy dress and coffee morning joke awards to dish out.

The fancy dress award goes to *roll of drums* 
JO for her amazingly outlandish fairy costume.

And the coffee morning joke award goes to *another roll of drums* 
Doctor doctor, my right eye hurts whenever I drink coffee.
Well take the spoon out then! 
 Well we did ask for coffee jokes and that’s what Sarah gave us!


  1. Lucky you! Looks like a fun TBR pile :)

  2. I can see all the fun you are having and winning piles of books. Yummm homemade fruitcake.... I too don't know what you mean by a cooker. Perhaps it's just a name the English use for oven or maybe it's something you bake it in on top of the stove. ? So... "Better is Possible".... I don't know either.
    Love and peace


  3. Oh my! I never realised that the word 'cooker' was a UK word. I have a cooker in my kitchen and it has an oven at the bottom for roasting, a grill half way up and four hobs on the top for my saucepans. It's the most amazing cooker I've ever owned and I can't believe that you guys have never had one!

  4. Congratulations on all your winnings! Fun, fun, fun.
    Be well, and I hope this is just the start of a great new year.

  5. It's so fun to win books! I just won Judy Croome's book, can't wait to read it.

  6. What fun! Rebecca's book looks good! I won 2 books this week, too. The stars must have been aligned or something :) Glad your new cooker is allowing you to bake up tasty treats. Our oven has the opposite problem - it's barely warm unless you crank it to 500 :)

  7. Roz, Thanks for clarifying the word cooker. It sounds neat and there must be something similar to it in the US that I'm just not aware of. Wishing you many enjoyable meals with your new cooker.


  8. Can't sleep without sheep is my kids' favorite bedtime story, it's lovely. Enjoy your books.

  9. Aww Rosalind, thank you for choosing my terrible joke!

    I'll be reading Rebecca's book too, I'm looking forward to it.

  10. Hi - four books! How wonderful - that's you sorted for a while, then.

    And to win an award for my virtual fairy costume. I am honoured. I am, you should know, an unlikely fairy. But can just about manage a virtual curtsey to say thank you.

  11. Those books sound great! You'll enjoy Susanna's book. My son and I loved Can't Sleep Without Sheep and I even talked about it on my blog. It's very, very cute!

    Enjoy that fruit bread - yum!

  12. What fun! Congratulations! Looks like you are on a roll. The books sound great! Enjoy that fruit bread!

  13. You are the one!!!!!!!!!! Congrads. Have fun reading them. Home made fruit bread and great results for your charity. Yay! :-)

  14. Well done Rosalind. (Who needs £101million to feel uplifted?) And so pleased to hear that your new cooker is in full production.

  15. Congrats on all the wins! And I didn't know what a "cooker" was either. Fascinating!

    Congrats on all the money raised!


    Great books to receive .. fun reads, while the Rebecca one sounds such a good idea as a guiding method for learning to deal with those bullies ..

    New cooker and homemade fruit bread .. I’m coming to Oxford tomorrow might just have to divert via Leicester .. oh dear you’ve probably eaten it all by now .. sounds delicious.

    Enjoy your read, the tea and fruit bread ... well done on your coffee morning – that’s fantastic raising that much .. the hospice will be so pleased. Congratulations ... Hilary

  17. Wow! What fun wins! Books are one of the best things in life!

  18. Hi Rosalind, I only just noticed this post, thanks for the lovely mention and I hope you enjoy 'New Beginnings'.


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