Monday, 3 October 2011

We Raised Money

Having a virtual coffee morning was always going to be a bit of an experiment. It’s one thing throwing a virtual party for a bit of fun. It’s quite another inviting people to a virtual fund raising event... but it worked! 
Some party statistics:
  • 172 visitors shared virtual coffee and cake with us over the last three days.
  • There were 20 fancy dress outfits and 5 jokes. [awards announced later this week.]
  • More importantly, we’ve raised £177.50 so far for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity (and there are a few more donations still to come in!)
The JustGiving website has been a great help, ensuring that all your donations went straight to the Macmillan Cancer Support team. If you haven’t visited the memorial page that we set up then please feel free to do so. There’s no obligation to donate and we’ve talked a bit about Mum and about the way we lost Dad to cancer too. The page, which you can find here, will stay live for the next few weeks.

There has been an additional bonus for me over this weekend. As I explained a few posts ago, my sister, Hilary Rifka, and I have lived 200 miles away from each other for over 15 years now. We’re always talking on the phone but we don’t often see each other and we weren’t sure quite how running a joint virtual party would work... but it did! 

We’ve giggled our way through her three fancy dress outfits, my deteriorating parrot costume and we even ended the party in the way we always used to end parties when we were kids... 

We sang “Sisters, Sisters”. 

Members of the family reading this now will be grimacing and nodding their heads and saying, 
     “This is true. They did. And they still can’t sing it in tune!” But do we care? No! We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend so thank you to everyone who came along and turned it into a real virtual party!

Hilary Rifka has asked me to include this message from her:
It’s been a fantastic party.  I've loved meeting everyone, the jokes, the fancy dress, the endless coffee making and the feather clearing.  But on a serious note this was all for a really good cause and something very close to our hearts. Our way of giving something back to the Macmillian Nurses who do such a wonderful job. A big thank you for sharing this with us - and honestly Ros has been the brains behind it all - I'm just the clown playing for laughs and clearing up the mess!!!!!! So Ros (my lovely little sister), credit where its due -  Well Done sis..... *big hugs*.
And *big hugs* back... in fact let’s all pat ourselves on the back and have a group hug. [or is that a physical impossibility... hmmm!]


  1. Well done, Rosalind. The technology of participating was a bit beyond me as my head and hands were rather full with Guide Dogs Week fund-raising events. But congratulations on your wonderful effort.

  2. Thank you Christine. It was almost a bit beyond me but we managed it. Hope the Guide Dog Week went well. That's another good cause. There are so many of them!

  3. Congrats on your successful virtual coffee. Glad you raised some funds for a good cause.

  4. Congratulations to the both of you, and so glad I had the chance to drop in and say hi.

  5. It was a wonderful party - feathers and all! So glad you raised so much (and glad they took Canadian $). Love the sisters song - especially when Bing & ??? (can never remember the guy's name!) sing it :)

  6. Wow! What a wonderful party and how great that you raised that much. And I LOVE Sisters Sisters :)

  7. This is so sweet. Congrats, Rosalind. I think your new year's starting off just right.

  8. Well done Rosalind! Everything else is virtual today, so why not parties! It's always a great feeling when money is raised for a good cause out of generosity..

    Duncan In Kuantan

  9. Congratulations on raising funds for such a worthwhile cause! I'm usually late, but never this late for a party! I must have been thrown off with the holidays. I will try to catch up with all the festivities! Your parents would be so proud to know they raised such wonderful daughters! Julie

  10. Congratulations, Rosalind, that is such a fantastic achievement. I regularly support cancer charities so apologies for not donating on your page, but well done for raising so much money for this great cause.

  11. Morning everyone....Just popped in to say "Thanks" for the 'Great' comments and kind words.

    Hi Jemi........Hi Susanna. Ros and I have sung the "Sisters" song since we were very little - I must say my "real" favourite version is the one by the Beverley sisters..... Takes me right back to the 1950's - oh by the way - we dance as we sing!!!!


    Hi Ros and Rifka .. well done - fantastic fund raising and so much fun .. you'll need to dance around to keep warm shortly .. sadly it's all over that warm Indian Summer .. still can't complain can we. See you soon - Hilary

    Hilary MB

  13. Congratulations! I hope more donations come in. This is such a great cause.
    BTW, Come drop by my blog to claim your AWARD!


  14. Thanks everyone and just to give you a latest update, the current total stands at £215.50 and rising!


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