Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Strictly Secret

Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens.
I’m as happy as Len with a ten.
Cause for three months I’ll tango and jive in my dreams
With the Strictly Professional men.
I’ll dress up in sequins, a basque made of lace,
High heels and a teeny tight skirt,
Doing chasses and flicks with a smile on my face
Cause not one single muscle will hurt.
Now, I know that a dream should remain strictly that
But this dream is a much longed-for goal.
It's to dance a routine with a cane and a hat
In the arms of that cute Brendan Cole.

EXPLANATIONS [for those who need them!]: Strictly Come Dancing in the UK is similar to Dancing with the Stars in the US. It runs for about three months and I blogged about it last year here

Brendan Cole with
Lisa Snowdon in 2008
Len is one of the judges and he doesn’t often award the top mark of a ten. Brendan Cole, one of the Professionals, is pictured left...  enough said!

Celebrities are paired with professional dancers and have to perform a dance each week. It’s tough, not least because they have to wear gloriously skimpy, glitzy outfits [and that’s just the men!]The public votes for their favourite couple and each week the least popular is voted off.

The main show is on a Saturday evening. The results show is on Sunday and every week day there’s a half hour show giving an update on training and interviewing the couples. So you see I’m quite contented for the next three months. My TV viewing is sorted.


  1. Lovely poem.I love strictly and my dream would be to dance a walz with Anton and I have to have a gorgeous ballgown...if only...

  2. Hi Cassam, we can but dream *gazes glassy-eyed into middle distance*

  3. A remember a few seasons ago Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut, was on the US version. He was fun to watch, but I've never been a big fan of celebrity shows. I prefer the talent ones. After the first few of the season. I could do without seeing the tryouts.

  4. Good dancing is always a joy to watch...just like any other athletic competition.

  5. The last time I watched this was when Julian Clary was on it. Maybe I should give it another go now I've stopped watching that other thing on ITV :-)

  6. I really enjoyed your poem! I love Dancing With The Stars, so I understand why you feel the same way about the British version. Have fun in your "teeny tight skirt!" BTW, I included a long overdue thank you on my blog. Thanks again!

  7. Fab! You keep right on dreaming, we all have to dream. Hugs x Oh and I love that glitter ball!

  8. That poem is as fun as watching the pros dance, Rosalind. I love the rhythm. You've definitely got it. I can picture you gliding across the floor with your cane and hat.

    Shabbat shalom,

  9. Hi Ros .. I enjoy watching occasionally - it's light and entertaining and the judges are great! The celebreties achieve wonderful standards ... I can't dance - so would be lost! We could have a bloggers' contest?! Cheers and enjoy the build up to Christmas via Strictly .. Hilary

  10. My Mom & Dad, who were both excellent dancers in their day, love Strictly Come Dancing and won't miss a programme. I hardly watch TV at all, so only catch the occasional glimpse when I'm visiting them. :)

    Judy, South Africa

  11. Enjoy the dancing, Ros. Lovely poem. When I watch this stuff I imagine I don't have two left feet. *sob* I always wished I could dance. Really dance. Not just fake it.

  12. Enjoy yourself! I love that you're a groupie! :)


  13. (And I mean "groupie" in the nicest sense of that word. I just looked it up and realized it didn't mean exactly what I thought it meant ... and I call myself a writer! Sheesh!)


  14. I guess Len flies back and forth to judge both shows and the guy is almost my age!! You have to admire the guy. I love Dancing With the Stars and I certainly loved your poem.

  15. Love your poem! I'm not into Strictly because I usually watch the X Factor, but I'm rapidly becoming tired of the judge antics. I may start watching the dancing after all!

  16. Great poem. Maybe every Saturday night programme needs its own poem?

    I've nominated your blog for an award. Check out my blog and pass it on!


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