Monday 17 January 2011

A Weekend of Fantasy

I thought it was a good time to book a weekend away at Warner’s Thorseby Hall. Rod’s resistance is returning after his stem cell transplant, but life has smacked us yet again. Mum is seriously ill in hospital. Should we cancel? The family, even Mum, said, ‘No!’ so, with a promise from my friend to visit Mum and report back daily, we went.

Thoresby Hall looks like a fantasy castle. In fact, the whole weekend had a bit of a fantasy feel to it.

[This photograph was taken on an earlier visit when the sun was shining.]

The Thoresby Players entertained us with a series of amusing vignettes about life in this once great Manor House on the edge of Sherwood Forest. In the library is a carving of Sherwood’s Great Oak and, in keeping with my fantasy theme, Robin Hood was there.

On Saturday evening we were treated to a different kind of fantasy. Thanks to the Barron Knights, we were taken back to the nostalgia of the 1960s. We laughed at their risqué versions of 1960s songs and were soon singing and clapping along to all our favourite oldies... and there was an almost fantasy view from our bedroom. It was good to see Rod smiling again.