Monday, 11 October 2010

Positive Thinking

I have often blogged about therapeutic writing and I do believe in the power of positive thought, and yet, as my sister recently pointed out, I have taken on a negative title “Writing in the Rain” and a negative tag-line “It hasn’t stopped raining yet” for my blog. She thinks I need to be more positive. Even my frilly umbrella is trying to get the message across. Last week it broke. I think it’s time I took notice of the two of them (my umbrella and my sister, that is, but not necessarily in that order!)

I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year and I don’t want to change its title now. Besides, there will inevitably be rain in my life and I will, no doubt, continue to write in the rain. We all have to write in the rain sometimes, but I hope there will be sunny writing days too. And so I’m going to change my picture from


just to prove that I can and do write in the sun too.


  1. I think Writing in the Rain is positive. To me, it says you are still going, even though the rain is falling.

  2. I love this picture of you writing! I find it very inspiring, makes me want to sit down and write.

  3. Love the pic Ros, but it's a bit serious. Where's your smile - even under your brolly you are smiling and looking happy?
    I also think the title of your blog is cheerful and positive.
    Hopefully there will be plenty of sunshine in your life from now onwards.

  4. Great pics :) I've never - ever! - thought of you as anything but positive and sunshiney! :)

  5. Hi Merrilee, yes, you're right of course. I just felt I needed to add a bit more of a positive statement to my blog header too.

  6. Thanks Karen, good to think I've inspired.

  7. Hi Ann, I know! I'm not smiling! I agonised over that for hours but it's very difficult to look like you're concentrating on your writing and to smile at the same time. I have a whole row of photos on the camera where I range from the mildly inane to downright dopey so I went for the serene look instead... and the sun really is shining in the garden so that's got to be a big plus... hasn't it!

  8. Thanks Jemi but I do know that my outlook has been a bit cloudy lately.


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