Saturday, 28 August 2010

Almost home... but it’s Bank Holiday Weekend

Rod is recovering from his stem cell transplant. He’ll soon be discharged from hospital but not while he has a Hickman line in. It’s yet another source of infection and this is something he must avoid with his present low levels of resistance... but it’s Bank Holiday weekend which means that the lines can’t be taken out until Tuesday so they allowed him home for the afternoon as long as he was back by 8 pm, a bit like being a prisoner out on licence.

Rod’s resistance is so low that I’ve been given a long list of dos and don’ts regarding cleanliness and food hygiene. It’s scary but when I got up this morning I only had to disinfect the door handles and brush the dog to put the finishing touches to my newly super-clean house. All was going well until I stepped into the downstairs toilet. Water was dripping from the hand basin. I tried to phone the plumber... but it’s Bank Holiday weekend and there was no reply so I decided to tackle the leak myself. How hard can it be to tighten a nut under a tap? I found the nut. No problem. I turned it and... OK, so I turned it the wrong way and once the water started to pour it was impossible to get a grip on it with wet fingers. Thankfully a kind neighbour came round with his toolbox, fixed the leak and I was able to finish my cleaning and get to the hospital in time for Rod's 'day-release'.

Rod is very weak and has by no means recovered from the treatment but today he had two good meals, he sat in the conservatory and admired his garden (which fortunately is still surviving) and he was reunited with the dog. Josh-the-dog has a manic streak. When the kids come home to visit he does crazy circuits, the sort of circuits where back legs overtake front legs with hilarious consequences. It’s been almost four weeks since Rod went into hospital. When we arrived home we braced ourselves for a daft dog explosion but Josh didn’t move. He stood and stared and then he pressed his head against Rod’s legs. Rod sat on the stairs. Josh laid his head on Rod’s lap and there they sat. If dogs could cry Josh would have been shedding tears of relief. Dogs can’t cry but we can... and we did.


  1. Oh Josh, I'm crying too, while typing this. Animals are wonderful, aren't they? So much more in tune with changes in us than we are most of the time.

    I'm so happy (no, really, I am!) that you and Mr A got to spend the afternoon together on this long bank holiday weekend, and I hope that Mr A gets home very very soon.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes. So glad Rod is home with you. *hugs*

  3. So did I. My goodness - what a testament to the love and understanding of Josh. Who says dogs aren't people too?

    Best wishes for continued good news and progress.

  4. Oh, good old Josh! I always said that he was intelligent!
    Love to all of you,

  5. Tears here too - tears of joy and of empathy - Josh is wonderful and what a lovely picture in my mind of the three of you together. Tears of laughter too at my sister the plumber - so, so relieved you got it fixed though. Wow what a day that was. Hope Rod is discharged real soon. Thinking of you all and sending love :-)

  6. Thanks everyone and so sorry to have caused tears for you all too... but at least they're the good kind of tears.

  7. Like all your other lovely followers who have commented, I too have tears streaming down my face for all of you, including Josh.
    I am so pleased that Rod made it home with you today and I have everything crossed he will be home very soon.
    As always sending fluffy, if not rather wet, hugs to you. And very big licks to both Josh and Rod from our two doggies.
    Hugs x

  8. It's lucky I don't have to speak, the lump in my throat wouldn't let me. Lots of hugs for both of you and I'm not sending you any courage because you have loads of it already.

  9. Oh wow, what a powerful and simple post. You brought us all home too for Rods day release and Josh's affection. Beautifully told. Now, to find tissues before my other half comes in and wonders why I am crying!


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