Sunday 7 February 2010

Writing is fun

and groups are good for us

Imagine an exercise class consisting of one person. How would you fancy doing aquarobics on your own? Rambling groups are reportedly growing in popularity and as for singing, I have been told by a reliable source that nothing beats singing in a choir... except maybe writing in a writing group and there’s a good reason for that. Writing is fun and groups are good for us.

Last night I was invited to talk to a local community group about creative writing. As soon as I walked into the hall I knew that I didn’t need to convince the members of the South Knighton Community Events about the enjoyment of being part of a group. For more than two years they have been hiring a local hall and organising a monthly activity. Events range from live music to photography to wine tasting to a quiz night. There's something for everyone. The atmosphere last night was full of friendship and warmth. They have created a community. They are proof that it’s better to share a Saturday night with friends and neighbours than watch the telly on your own.

We listened to local writers Krys Wysocki, Maria Smith and Keith Large reading their work. I talked about my Heritage Lottery funded Memories Project and about writing blogs. Everyone was bubbling with enthusiasm and after a lively book swap and wine session they launched themselves into a writing exercise. This activity produced much laughter which came as no surprise to me. It wasn’t just the wine laughing. It was because writing is fun and groups are good for us.