Sunday, 7 February 2010

Writing is fun

and groups are good for us

Imagine an exercise class consisting of one person. How would you fancy doing aquarobics on your own? Rambling groups are reportedly growing in popularity and as for singing, I have been told by a reliable source that nothing beats singing in a choir... except maybe writing in a writing group and there’s a good reason for that. Writing is fun and groups are good for us.

Last night I was invited to talk to a local community group about creative writing. As soon as I walked into the hall I knew that I didn’t need to convince the members of the South Knighton Community Events about the enjoyment of being part of a group. For more than two years they have been hiring a local hall and organising a monthly activity. Events range from live music to photography to wine tasting to a quiz night. There's something for everyone. The atmosphere last night was full of friendship and warmth. They have created a community. They are proof that it’s better to share a Saturday night with friends and neighbours than watch the telly on your own.

We listened to local writers Krys Wysocki, Maria Smith and Keith Large reading their work. I talked about my Heritage Lottery funded Memories Project and about writing blogs. Everyone was bubbling with enthusiasm and after a lively book swap and wine session they launched themselves into a writing exercise. This activity produced much laughter which came as no surprise to me. It wasn’t just the wine laughing. It was because writing is fun and groups are good for us.


  1. Awesome post! I see this type of energy in the classroom when we're writing - haven't been lucky enough to be part of a writing group in "real" life yet. :)

  2. Thanks Jemi. It really can be powerful when writing in a group situation. I'd recommend giving it a try.

  3. Writing is great fun. There's such a sense of community with fellow writers of every level. Its fun having people understand a muse on a mission, and how ideas come from thin qir but have to be written down promptly.

  4. I found you over on another blog (AKA blogstalking) and wanted to let you know that the voices in my head keep me awake at night too!! :) LOL! It's awesome being a writer and oh-so tiresome all at the same time!
    Check out my blog if you get a chance!

  5. If only we knew where the ideas came from, Yunaleska... but then again maybe that would spoil it all.

    Hi Tiffany. Thanks for the Follow. Blogstalking is good. I spend longer than I should doing it and will stalk along to your blog very soon.

  6. Fun post, fun blog, I really enjoy your posts too, Ros.

  7. writing groups are great - the personal contact, exchange of ideas and best of all the encouragement and the fun, always sends me home raring to write and feeling that writing is not quite such a lonely business

  8. Hi Ros,

    Wasn't it a good night...fantastic to see the community getting together and sharing some quality time.

    As one of the writers, I found folk very friendly and eager to have a go at the writing exercise. Imaginations ran away and some very funny stories came out of the session.

    It always amazes me what people come up with when they are working together in teams under a bit of pressure. On my table, a few hadn't met before so new friendships were being forged and details were exchanged I noted.

    People bond over shared experiences, and belonging to a writers group provides opportunity to tell stories and recall memories. Good luck with the new writing group, I wish you every success. It will certainly enrich your neighbourhood.

    I look forward to hearing all about it, here on your blog.


  9. I second your notion that writing is fun and groups are good for us. And one of the best groups is the community of bloggers connecting with writing, very inspiring!

  10. I love writing in group workshops like this. It's something about the freedom to just invent and play without any expectation of ever using that piece again. Though occasionally I do. I also find group workshopping of manuscripts enormously helpful.


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