Monday, 17 June 2019

No More Spam Comments

The spammers will not stop me from blogging

I have been blogging here for almost ten years. My first post was in November 2009. Back then receiving comments from you, the reader, was a joy, an added bonus to the privilege of being able to post my thoughts, problems and achievements in this most public of places. Now I delete numerous spam comments daily. I wouldn't mind if they had been written in a fluent - or even semi-fluent - way but they seem to be auto-translated with the syntax in places that English syntax was never meant to be. Consequently they make little or no sense and are never related to my blog post.

It is for this reason that I am now only allowing members of this blog to comment, so apologies to any genuine passers-by who are desperate to contribute to my myriad ramblings - but thank you for visiting anyway. I'd like to particularly mention two fellow bloggers who have, over the years, faithfully visited and commented on my blog. I really appreciate their support and friendship and would be delighted if you could pop along and visit their blogs. Joanne Faries blogs at Word Splash and Hilary Melton-Butcher blogs at Positive Letters

Writing Update:

I have finally recovered from the MA experience, my feet have just about touched the ground once more and I am submitting poetry. I've sent three poems about journeys to the Myslexia call for themed submissions and I've also submitted to several other magazines including Strix and Granta.

Yesterday I sent two poems to the Writing East Midlands Aurora Competition. They are accepting short stories and poetry and the closing date is 26th June, National Writing Day. If you fancy entering here's the link: Aurora Competition

If I get any good news from my submissions then you will be among the first to know! Have a good rest of June and here's hoping it has finally stopped pouring with rain.


  1. Thanks Ros ... that's kind of you. Spam is a pain - but I tend to ignore it ... and just delete them - the easiest ... I deleted 2 last night ... if it gets awful then I put on comment moderation ...

    But excellent on your MA ... and on the poetry you're submitting - it'll be good to know you'll keep in touch ... cheers for now and good luck and yes - we have sunshine!! Cheers Hilary

  2. I am so with you on the spam, Ros. It's become very annoying. I thought it was from Google+ to begin with, but that no longer exists, so it must be some other issue. Anyway, I still love these blogs and Blogger is still the easiest to work with. I wouldn't want to give it up either, so totally understand.

    All the very best with your entries for the poetry competitions! I'll look forward to hearing how you do, and I'm glad you've recovered from the MA. It takes a while, doesn't it?

  3. Here I am trying to comment on Google. Love your blog. Thanks for the shout out.
    Spam is nuts. You and your MA are awesome.


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