Monday, 30 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: Z

Z Smell:
Zubes - I used to take a tin of Zubes to school with me in the winter. It rattled in my satchel (yes, we did have satchels, leather ones.) The Zubes were strong and warming but I must have smelt horrible!

Z Memories:
I could write about Zombie Movies in the 1960s - The Night of the Living Dead - but that's far too grim a topic for my liking and so, as this is my last A to Z post, I thought I'd do a bit of a summing up. To be honest, it's not actually me doing the summing up. I've decided to let a video do it for me:

A to Z for the last time:
This video scrolls its way through lots of the adverts, street scenes, fashions and music from the 1950s. There are many things that we've mentioned and some things that we haven't. It includes some long lost songs too. Look out for these bits that made me go, "Oh yes!":
  • I'd forgotten how those big black phones had a little drawer underneath that contained a small card for phone numbers.
  • I'd have loved that mod black and white dress on the lady lounging across the moped.
  • Radio valves! Dad would never be without spare radio valves!
  • What a cute little policeman's car.
  • Open milk pales on a milk delivery... health and safety?
  • While Nellie the Elephant is playing there's a young girl wearing an elasticated swimsuit. I had a green one exactly like that... or rather it was a hand-me-down from my sister [right, Rifka?]
  • We never had three ducks flying across our wall but lots of people did.
  • I loved my Meccano set.

Z Programmes:
The car in Z-cars was just a front screen with a movie going on behind
them to pretend they were driving. It was basic but we all loved it. 
On TV:
Zoo time
Zoo Quest with David Attenborough

Zorba the Greek

Florence and Dougal with Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout

Z Names:
Frank Zappa
Led Zeppelin
The Zombies who provide the...

Z Music:
The Zombies singing She's Not There

Thank you so much for helping to make this 
A to Z nostalgic journey such an enjoyable one.


  1. Oh, this is a fantastic Z post, Ros. I've still got the 50s video playing as I write this *singing*

    I thought you'd have zubes, I used to love the roundness of them as well as the taste and the smell.

    Video is still playing but as yet I haven't heard this song:
    “Oh, I love you Fair Dinkum by Shirley Abicair and her Zither.

    Zip - A - Dee - Doo – Dah, Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo,
    The Zodiacs - “Stay”

    TV: Zero One starring (I think) Nigel Patrick

    Zenith Six Jazz Band – I watched them live a good few times in the 60s
    Someone's here, I'll pop back later

  2. As you say, Rosalind - such memories! TV in black and white - we didn't have a colour set until the B&W one broke!

  3. Morning Sis, Gosh the end of the alphabet - and who would have thought - so many Z memories...... knew you'd have Zubes (are good for your tubes.......),some where on the page!!!!! Can still smell them!!!! Here are my Z memories:
    Names: Lena Zavaroni, Zandra Roe, (cheating slightly)!!
    I think Zebra crossing were invented in the 50's.......... and someone (cant remember her name) played a "Zither" as part of a well known variety act - anyone remember who?

    Songs: "Zing, Zing"........ by Perry Como, "Zambesi" 1956 - Eddie Calvert, "Zorba the Greek" (music and film), "Zabadak" - Dave Dee, Dozy.....and "Zippady do dah zippy de a....."

    Had the Film Zulu on my list too - brilliant.

    "Emil Zatopek - runner - won the Olympics 1952

    TV: "Zippy the Kangaroo" and the other "Zipppy" with Bundle or was that later.???

    Oh dear - about bathing costume - I do remember it though.

    Loved the video - going to play again later - had a dressing table just like that *sigh*.
    Its all been fantastic fun - thanks Ros.

  4. Pat - wow we did it again - pressed the button almost the same time (you beat me to it today) *giggles* and thanks for getting Shirley Abicair's name - I remembered the Zither and could see her face but no name!!!

  5. Well it's the end of yet another A to Z Challenge and I have enjoyed all you have written, Congrats on finishing.


  6. Well done on finishing the Challenge, Rosalind. I've enjoyed all your posts including those where I haven't commented.
    I justknew Z Cars would be here at the end.

    See you next year?

  7. I love the video and remember so many things from it. I watched Zoo time too. Well we've readed the end I can't believe we finally got here,I've enjoyed all your memories some mde me laugh and some brought tears to my eyes, thank you.

  8. Hi Rosalind! Never heard of Zubes. Will have to look that one up. I've seen The Night of the Living Dead. Interesting wrap up for the A to Z Challenge.


  9. Wow! Out with a bang. I love the video - the horse-drawn milk van (our milkman was called Harry), the photo from Land's End (I have one just like it that has Hendon on it), the Hillman (ours was a Hillman Minx), Meccano.

    One thing disappoints me. Z-cars - the car wasn't real. I didn't know :(

    Many thanks for the month-long trip down memory lane. It's been great fun. ~Miriam

  10. Zubes, wow, I'm still not sure what they are but they sound intense. I loved and still love Led Zeppelin. I'm over from A to Z, today talked about Elizabethan curse words!

  11. Rifka, soul sisters to the end *smile*. My Nan had an old washboard and that became my Zither when Shirley Abicair was on - watched on a teeny tv with a goldfish bowl magnifier thing over the screen.

    This has been great Ros - bitter sweet, though, as even happy memories can hurt.

    I used some of my Coronation memories in a story for People's Friend. It will be in the Jubilee issue in June - along with a fantastic painting by David Young, the same illustrator who did the painting for Daffodil Days that's on my blog.

    I'll keep visiting even though
    A- Z is over *sniff*.

  12. Zorro was my childhood hero and I scratched a huge Z into the seat of my bicycle. My parent were not too pleased. Thank you so much for all the effort and work you put into these posts, taking me down the memory lanes of my teenage and young adult years. It has been so much fun!

  13. I have no clue what Zubes are, but I thank you for educating me about life back then! I've loved reading your posts! :D

  14. Wow, what fun. Some of those old shows I watched as a little kid. For a minute, when I saw the police car I thought of "Car 54, where are you?" =D

  15. I loved Zorro, they repeated it in the 70s (and maybe at other times).

    I've really enjoyed your posts - I can't believe how many of my TV memories were just repeats from an earlier decade though. And they talk about TV repeats these days! :-)

  16. Ros, Listened to video again - had a little weep when I heard "With the Parting of the Ways".... long lost memory.

    First of all a BIG "Well Done" - now can I go all sentimental on you......I think my very favourite day was the Y page - I used Yardley talc every day in the 50's/60's and the smell is firmly in my memory bank - my absolute favourite was " Yardley April Violets". The Yardstick reminds me of all the lovely clothes Grandma and Aunty made for us and of the hours we spent there with them (you and I) in the early 50's. Youth Culture - well this was my life - I loved being a Teenager (nothing since has lived up to those days). I treasure memories of the teddy-boy era with the fantastic clothes, hair and make-up - leisure time was spent in the coffee bars, (frothy coffee and smoke - everyone smoked)!!! we jived and danced rock 'n' roll till we dropped... oh yes - you've summed it up so brilliantly for me. "Thanks sis". Its been a brilliant blog time, its been fun, its been mind expanding and for me personally, its been very therapeutic..... so just wanted to say................*singing loudly* "Thanks for the Memories"....... was that Bob Hope or Fred Astaire?????

    Pat - soul sister - its been such good fun and I too remember the goldfish bowl magnifier over the screen..... "Wow".
    Lovely memories.......from everyone *sniff sniff* this end too.

  17. Congrats on completing the challenge!

  18. Hi Pat, first to comment on the last A to Z! I agree with you about the way that even happy memories can hurt. We want to be back there but we can't. I'm looking forward to buying a copy of People's Friend to read your story and I do love that picture for Daffodil Days. I do hope you'll still visit.

    Hi Lizy, I remember our first colour TV. I thought it was unbelievably beautiful.

    Hi Rifka, Sorry I made you cry. That yardstick did it for me. We had so many games that we played at Grandma and Aunties. They were good times, weren't they :-)

    Hi Yvonne, so glad you've enjoyed it.

    Hi Bob, thanks and yes Z cars was always going to be included!

    Hi Anne, I'm sorry for the tears and pleased about the laughter. It's been fun, though, hasn't it.

    Hi Susanne, thanks.

    Hi Miriam, glad you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me.

    Hi Catherine, Zubes were warming. What more can I say!

    Hi Inger, I'm not surprised your parents were unhappy! Glad you enjoyed the posts.

    Hi Jaycee, glad you've enjoyed it.

    Hi Donna, thanks for the visit.

    Hi Annalisa, I suppose they have been repeating things almost from the start. I hate all those repeats.

    Hi Ruth, thanks.

  19. You've done a super job all the way through the alphabet. Congratulations on making it to the finish line. I believe we all deserve to kick back and catch a few zees now. (After all, that IS the letter for the day.) Hmm, or do you catch zeds...? (See, I can speak Brit, too!)

  20. Love your take on the A to Z Challenge, Rosalind. Well done. I missed out on this one. Back in harness again now.

  21. excellent theme and very fun grande finale of Zs. Glad to have met you and I shall look forward to your regular writing in the rain.

  22. I enjoyed your posts so much! Thank you! (And I think we just had two ducks on our wall... hmmm...)

  23. Rosalind, Thanks for the wonderful tour through the English memory lane. Well done with your topics. I can't imagine how much work you put into them.

  24. Followed you back from my blog and love this post. Not all these ring a bell for me (wrong side of the pond) but I watched to the Zombie vid twice. Really took me back.

  25. Well done Rosalind on a fabulous A-Z. Sadly I had to leave it at "S" so I've got plenty of your posts to catch up on. Zubes! And Z-Cars - hee hee. You did such a fabulous job sending me down memory lane. It's great to meet you.

  26. Thank you! Some great memories.
    I remember going to school with a leather satchel, and zebadee, from The Magic Roundabout, and Z Cars!
    Happy days.

  27. Hi Ros .. great video - just remembering .. needles for the record player arm ... and my uncle told me that the horse would be unshackled .. and left to munch - then the milkman would whistle-call him and he'd come ambling along - man had done his deliveries .. I remember those in Cornwall - not in Surrey. Early Lands End before they messed it up - wind up black telephone with battery box we had .. and I can remember the number 329!!

    Great music and video - I'm going to stop now!! and watch .. cheers fun post .. and well done on an excellent A - Z.

    Cheers Hilary

  28. Actually Night of the Living Dead--the 60's version--is one of my favorite films--scary without too much gore. The musical artists that you mentioned are also favorites. Great collection of Z's. Congratulation on making it to the end.

    Wrote By Rote


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