Monday, 16 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: N

N Smell:
Nappy bucket - Oh, the joy! No disposable nappies! They had to be soaked in Napisan and then boil-washed to get rid of those nasty stains. My only comment about today's A to Z smell is that at least the bucket had a lid!

N Memories:
The New Look - Christian Dior was the most influential fashion designer of the 1950s. His first post-war collection became known as the New Look. It was feminine and elegant and was an instant hit coming so soon after the austere war years. It featured tiny waists to show off that hour-glass figure [for those who had one!] Skirts were either straight and sophisticated or flared and pretty, which takes me to my next memory...

Nylon and net petticoats - My sister had some amazing petticoats, layer upon layer of net, some with a hoop sewn in, making her skirt stand out like a crinoline lady's. I was only allowed a small one but my net was rainbow-coloured and I loved it. The only problem with the full net petticoats was sitting down. Your skirt shot up into your face and everyone saw your knickers!

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible - This was a regular sight on our television screens. The transmissions were always breaking down.

David Nixon and his magic
N Programmes:
On TV:
Noddy and not forgetting his mate, Big Ears
The David Nixon Show

On Radio:
The Navy Lark

N Names:

Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy in
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
[Raindrops keep falling on my head...]

Nehru, India
Nasser, Egypt
David Niven
Jack Nicklaus, golfer
Anthony Newley
Jack Nicholson
Paul Newman
David Nixon
Ricky Nelson
Graham Nash
Nashville Teens who provides the...

N Music:
Nashville Teens singing Tobacco Road with Jimmy Saville introducing them.

Are there any Ns that I've forgotten?


  1. Ooh, net underskirts and paper nylon ones - can you remember washing them in sugar water to make them stiff? (For some reason starch wouldn't do it.)

    On TV also: Noggin the Nog, I think he was a Viking, No Hiding Place, Not Only but Also

    New Musical Express, Children's Newspaper

    Song: Nellie the Elephant and
    Nobody's Child (still makes me cry)

    Singer: Nina of Nina and Fredrick (Little Donkey)
    Nulon hand cream

    Newberry Fruits, Neopolitan chocolates

    Nesquick chocolate milkshake

    Oh, a skipping game: "Neberkenezer, King of the Jews, bought his wife a pair of shoes..." etc etc

  2. Nipped in waists with wide belts to go with the hour-glass figure.

  3. Hi Little sis, Those Net Petticoats were fantastic weren't they - sitting on a bus going dancing (the Palias) wasn't that easy though - I usually stood up the whole journey!!! If I remember right we wore knickers to match our skirts... *giggle*
    Hi Pat, I tried sugar but it didn't work for me!!!!

    Do you know I'd completely forgotten about the "Normal Service will be Resumed" notice on TV - 'wow' wasn't it primitive - thinking about what we have now.

    Does anyone remember "Nux Bars" in the early 50's - they were delicious.

    Pat - Nulon Hand creme would have to be my 50's N smell - I can recall it vividly - had a sort of almond tinge to it.

    Francene - I pulled my wide belt in so tight it left permanent marks!!!! thought I looked great though and loved the Nipped in waist look.

  4. I remember lots of those, including the "Normal service..." notice. Didn't they also say, "Please do not adjust your sets?" ~Miriam

  5. Some of these are going back a bit... lol. But Paul Newman (and Steve McQueen! I missed M). Oh that Normal Service notice and the white sound.

  6. I think you got quite a few and some I hadn't heard of.

    I remember Crinolines. My mother had some beautiful dresses. A fascination for me was some of those little air tubes sewn in and some had wire with netting.

    Nappys. We call them diapers over here, but regardless of the name, the smell is the same. Never heard of Napisan. My mom started having babies before disposables. As the oldest daughter I can remember having to rinse those blasted things so they could be washed. Ugh.


  7. Paul Newman was gorgeous. Those eyes... aah.

  8. Sadly I don't really remember any of those since I wasn't born til '71...but what a great thing you've got going here! I love it. FOund you at Lee's psalmsunday blog.

  9. Wow, Paul Newman looked pretty dang good. LOL.

    I can only imagine the horror of having to wash diapers every day. :shudder:

  10. What a most interesting "N" post.
    Brought back many memories especially about the nappies.

    Thanks for calling by and leaving a lovely comment.


  11. UGH! We may not have called it a "nappie bucket" on this side of the Atlantic, but it smelled just as bad. And trust me, that lid didn't help a bit when our son spilled the contents of that bucket all over the bathroom carpet. Yes, carpet. It was in the house when we moved in, but trust me, it had to be ripped out after that incident!

    Another great post. I've really been enjoying your trips down memory lane.

  12. Oh The smell or emptying the nappy bucket,I can still smell it. I was too young to wear those petticoats but I remember older girls wearing them and they were lovely I so wanted to wear them.

  13. Diaper pail smells - yuck! LOL. Interesting post.


  14. Hi Pat, so many Ns. I used to read the NME (New Musical Express) and I bet those petticoats were really sticky after being washed in sugar water.

    Hi Francene, I’ve never had a waist, even as a kid, so there was no hour-glass figure for me.

    Hi Rifka, I never knew you wore matching knickers. Gosh!

    Hi Miriam, yes I think there was a sign that said that too. Things were always breaking down.

    Hi Susan, nothing is pre-1950 here. It all happened between 1950 and 1969. Paul Newman was gorgeous, wasn’t he.

    Hi Sia, I should have put diapers in brackets. Thanks for pointing that out. Napisan was a cleaning product that was supposed to bring up nappies clean and white but didn’t!

    Hi Annalisa, know what you mean! Swoon!

    Hi Ron, glad you enjoyed the post. Sorry you can’t remember any of it… though I suppose you’re not!

    Hi Jaycee, be glad you only have to imagine it!

    Hi Yvonne, glad you enjoyed my post.

    Hi Susan, that must have been horrendous, all that smelly water over the carpet. Yuk!

    Hi Anne and Susanne, once smelt never forgotten!

  15. Glad I missed the net underskirt - wore a costume and it was itchy
    Newman was a hottie all those years ago

    nice to meet you Rosalind from A to Z land
    am over at Ladys Knight

  16. Wow, that's a dreamy picture of Paul Newman *swoon* =)

  17. great post, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    -MJ A to Z blogger

  18. I remember Noddy! We used to get hardcover books of stories about Noddy when I was little. I think his buddy was an elf or maybe a garden gnome. Can't remember his name... :)

  19. You forgot the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band! :)

  20. I loved the pictures of the clothes from the fifties. I didn't live in the fifties, but I watch a lot of I Love Lucy and adore the clothes she wears on there. Modest, classy. It's much better than today's fashions.

  21. Hi Ros .. thankfully (perhaps!) I missed out on nappy buckets .. I wasn't really into fashion - except for occasional 'success' stories that hit my neck of the woods .. I remember nylon net petticoats as the rage when we could wear a Liberty print dress on Sundays .. and it has a net petticoat underneath .. it was scratchy .. and I'm not a fan of scratch!!

    Normal Service will be resumed - now that was a regular occurrence ..

    TV, radio .. and Names they certainly featured somewhere along the line .. especially Paul Newman! Also Nehru in recent times ..

    Excellent Ns .. cheers Hilary